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Disney announce Star Wars: Rivals mobile game

Need more Star Wars in your life? The Force is strong with this new mobile game app.

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to spend time on your favourite Star Wars games. Lucasfilm and Disney have announced this new mobile gaming app.

In a Galaxy far, far away, the Star Wars: Rivals mobile game is all about player versus player (PvP) battles, to, as the name suggests, settle those rivalries.

What Kind of Game Is It?

The free-to-play action shooter has been created so you can play across all the generations of Star Wars with your favourite characters.

Play with both the classic and new characters, such as: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and Captain Phasma.

The heroes and villains each come with their own special abilities, such as Vader’s Force Choke and Admiral Ackbar’s Orbital Strike. Enjoy realistic and authentic weapons from the series, as you blow away rivals with weapons like Chewbacca’s bowcaster and Han Solo’s DL-44 pistol.

How Does It Work?

Take up the mantle and create the ultimate Star Wars team, made up of your much loved heroes to engage in real-time, PvP online combat.

Get the upper hand in your games, by earning points as you play to upgrade your squad. Enter leagues and get ranked on leaderboards, and defeat rivals in combat to gain extra Battle Points. Get extra bonuses from building teams from the same factions too, such as the Rebellion and Empire.

You can even unlock new characters and abilities as you go, to assist in your quest to conquer the Galaxy.

The game takes place in locations both old and new to us Star Wars fans, that includes places like the Death Star and the planet Jakku. Plus, many more to choose from.

Of course, as it goes with these things, there will also be additional content you can purchase in-app, should you wish to enhance your experience further.

When Can We Get It?

Star Wars: Rivals mobile game is coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Currently in the pre-registration phase, those players who sign up now will get access to some exclusive content when the game does finally arrive.

If you register through Google Play, you will get exclusive access to death trooper support units. And available for a limited time, players will get the death troopers to fight alongside them in PvP skirmishes to lay down cover fire.

If you register through the App Store, you’ll get Rebel Special Forces for a limited time. Acting as both support units and medics, restoring your health in-game.

Right now, there is currently no fixed date for the launch of the game, but watch this space, it could be soon. This one is going on our list.

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