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How to sell things and make money using your phone

Turn your unwanted things into cash. Thanks to your mobile.

When the end of the month looms, you may find yourself a little tight on funds. There’s no shame in it. We all get carried away now and then, blowing half our wages in the first few days of the month.

Luckily, you can use your phone to boost your cashflow situation in no time at all. Here are nine ways you can sell your unwanted things with a little help from your smartphone.

1) Preloved

Post-wedding, you may want to get some cash back on those uber expensive table settings, or the 100-piece cutlery set you should have hired rather than bought.

Perhaps you need to shift some livestock in a hurry, like a pig or goat. However unlikely, Preloved has the answer.

There are huge sections on the site for everything from marriages to horses and livestock, and lots in between. Whatever you’ve got lying around, you should have some luck selling it on Preloved.

Download Preloved for free on iOS | Android

2) Amazon Marketplace

Bookworms rejoice! If your old paperbacks are taking up way too much room on your shelf, Amazon Marketplace could be the way forward for you.

When you have a title in mind, find the page for it on Amazon. Next, you just need to click the handy little button that says ‘Sell on Amazon.’ You’ll need to disclose what condition the book is in, and wait for a buyer to choose it. Easy!

(Oh, and this is a brilliant way to recycle your old textbooks while making a pretty penny along the way.)

Download Amazon for free on iOS | Android

3) Gumtree

One of the best things about Gumtree is the ‘collection only’ setting. So, if you need to get rid of heavy-duty things such as furniture or old TVs, it’s the best place to go.

Since the site and app is divided by areas, you should find that it’s relatively easy to find locals who want to nab your second-hand things in no time.

Download Gumtree for free on iOS | Android

4) Depop

If you’re an all-out shopaholic (no judgement here!), Depop is the site for you. This one allows you to sell clothes and accessories quickly and easily. Mind you, it’s not for your high-end luxury clothes. It’s more about clearing out your wardrobe to make some room for a new season’s worth of clobber.

Download Depop for free on iOS | Android

5) eBay

And now, the classic selling platform. If Girl Boss is anything to go by, you can literally make your fortune by selling old stuff on eBay. Although, she started out in the early 2000s and that’s likely not the case anymore.

Still, if you have a load of things that you no longer need in your home, popping them on eBay could help you shift them. The genius of this one is that there are so many people browsing eBay, you shouldn’t find it difficult to spark interest, whatever it is you’re selling.

Download eBay free on iOS | Android

6) musicMagpie

CDs, DVDs, old phones, old tablets… We all have far too many of them and they all take up far too much space.

If you want to turn these unwanted things into cold, hard cash, it’s easier than you think. The musicMagpie app uses your phone’s camera to read barcodes so you can get a valuation in an instant. While you won’t get top dollar for your old DVD of Clueless on here, you will sell stuff quickly and easily.

Download musicMagpie free on iOS | Android

7) Gameflip

While you may well head to Amazon or eBay when getting rid of last year’s FIFA 17, there could be a better way to sell your old games. As the name suggests, Gameflip is your one stop shop for selling old copies of games, consoles, and even accessories too. It has a comprehensive listing page, which means that it’s ultra-easy to put your things up for sale.

Download Gameflip free on iOS | Android

8) Shpock

The so-called ‘car boot app’ is the easiest way to get rid of smaller bits and bobs. You know what I’m talking about — the knickknacks and whatdoyoucallits that happen to adorn your shelves. The old ornaments, necklace holders, board games, and so on.

With a little help from the Shpock app, you can snap a picture of whatever it is you’re selling, quickly list it, and then wait for a potential buyer to get in touch. Simples.

Download Shpock free on iOS | Android

9) MillionPlus

While there’s not a dedicated app for MillionPlus, the mobile website is easy to use, and it’s a great place to sell luxury items and super rare finds.

On the site, you’ll find everything from a T-Rex skeleton, to original artwork for sale. So, if you happen to have something that you’re sure is worth a fortune, this could be the place for you. (Or, on the other hand, it’s fun to browse!)

Visit MillionPlus online here.

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