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New Year, New You – how your smartphone can help you get back in shape

Now that we’ve rolled on over into a new year, it’s time to think about getting yourself in shape after the big Christmas binge. Join us as we take a look at some of the fitness apps that can help to forge a New You for the New Year…

If there’s one thing Christmas is good for, it’s undoing all the great work you did to keep yourself in shape over the rest of the year. Of course, if there’s one resolution that gets made more than any other around New Year, it’s to get (back) in shape.

Some people join a gym, and some people hire a personal trainer, but if you have a smartphone, it may very well be the case that you don’t need to do either of those things. Health and fitness apps are, after all, among the most popular across all makes of smartphone, but it can sometimes be a bit daunting trying to figure out which is the best, and which will help you burn off the most calories.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best fitness apps out there, to try and make the process of choosing a lot less complicated!

Short on free time? Grab The Scientific 7-Minute Workout!


The simple fact of life is that people are busy, a lot of the time, leaving them very little free time to actually do any exercise. However, you might not need as much free time as you think, according to research done by the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

The first app on this list is one based on that research: The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. The idea is simple: you have 12 core exercises, and you do each one for 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second break, moving on to the next one each time. Brilliantly, none of the exercises need extra equipment, so there’s no extra cost beyond the £1.49 for the app itself.

Want to go to the gym, but don’t want to exercise in front of others? Grab Instructor Live!

Instructor Live

On the other hand, perhaps you do have the free time to get in a decent amount of exercise, but you don’t want to do so in front of other people (and this author really sympathises if that’s the case; social anxiety is a real cross to bear).

The alternative is InstructorLive, which can best be described as a having a gym membership, but without having to go and stand in front of other people, as the app streams classes, in video format, to your iPhone, iPod or laptop (note, though, that this app isn’t available on Android, so if you’re rocking something like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you’ll need to check out another option from this list). Also, there’s a monthly fee of £5.99, so you need to be fairly committed to to your fitness regime.

Have trouble keeping yourself motivated? Join Fitocracy!


Perhaps the issue you have is keeping yourself motivated to actually do any exercise (again something that this author sympathises with)? What you need is to surround yourself with other people who are in the same boat, so you can all help each other to keep going!

And that’s where Fitocracy comes in. Fitocracy is a social network specifically for people trying to get fit, and with a free app available on Android and iOS, it might be the perfect way to keep yourself motivated!

Want to do all of that through one app, and you have an iPhone? Say hello to Healthkit!

There are a lot of fitness apps out there; wouldn’t it be nice if you could start up one singular app, and do everything fitness-related that you want to do from within that one app, without having to start up any others?

If you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you can, thanks to Apple’s Healthkit service (and the Health app that comes pre-installed on those phones). Basically, the app does exactly what it says on the tin, pulling in data and stats from your other fitness apps, so you can keep track of everything, all in one place. As time-savers go, when it comes to fitness apps, Healthkit is an absolute godsend!

And there we have it. It’s the New Year, so it’s time to let your smartphone help you become the New You! Happy new year, and good luck!

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