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Snake Rewind slithers onto Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Snake, the definitive yardstick used to measure thumb reflexes and sharp acumen, is making a nostalgic return to mobiles.

Taneli Armanto, the original creator of Snake, has teamed up with Rumilus Design to resuscitate the once ubiquitous mobile game, by launching Snake Rewind for free across Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

In days of yore, Snake was the source of entertainment on our unwieldy Nokia mobile phones. The rudimentary graphics were oddly enchanting, seducing us into hours of fixated gameplay.

The plot was a simple one: commandeer a snake and begin carving a serpentine path around a cramped screen, with the objective of swallowing as many pixels as possible, before the inevitable collision with the perilous confines of your cage, or your own elongating tail.

Snake Rewind hangs on to much of the original charm and goals, though with modernised, souped-up graphics that bring it into the 21st century, and some never-before-seen features like obstacles, power ups and the ability to rewind after a fatal move (in exchange for hard-earned pieces of fruit).

Snake Rewind will no doubt constrict users into long periods of game play, now with 10 distinct levels to slither through. Not to mention the teaser in the app description, “Fill the whole screen with the snake and find out what happens then!”

Download Snake Rewind from Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone.

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