Ten apps you totally need on your Android phone

Ten apps you totally need on your Android phone

A little while back, we talked about a really fun little app called MSQRD (pronounced Masquerade, in case you were wondering), and that set off an intriguing little thought process in our minds: what other apps are there out there, that might not be the most productive apps in the world, but that are nonetheless apps that you totally need to own?

Well, we’ve found ten of ‘em, for Android phones like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, and they’re ten apps that you probably won’t find on anyone else’s lists of ten essential apps.

So, let’s begin with a quick recap of the one that sent us off down this path…


The idea behind MSQRD is simple: take a photo of yourself, and use special effects to morph your face into new and exciting (or possibly utterly terrifying shapes). The cool bit is that it uses face-tracking technology to map those effects to your actual face, so you can even take a video, and turn yourself into a talking dog (if you want).



It’s amazing how many times, on the internet, where you’ll see photos of two people who’ve had their faces swapped (like, using PhotoShop, not as in Face Off). Well, now, there’s an app that can do it for you, without having to learn how to use an image editor yourself. Virtually swap bodies with your mates, with FaceSwap.

Face Swap app

Magic Doodle

Perhaps you don’t want to play around with photos. Perhaps, instead, you want to draw out a kaleidoscope pattern to help yourself chill out. If you do, then say hello to Magic Doodle; with a selection of kaleidoscope templates available, you can make awesome, relaxing patterns in minutes.

Magic Doodle

Fake Call 2

Of course, maybe the reason you’re not so relaxed is because you’re stuck in a chat with that person. You know the one we mean: the one who, if they don’t stop, is going to make you claw your own ears off. The simple solution? Use Fake Call 2 to fake a call to yourself, and get out of any conversation without causing offence!

Fake Call 2 app

IMDB Movies & TV

On the other hand, maybe you’re stuck with that person, arguing about who was in a film you both saw once (you’d be surprised how often it happens, usually in pubs around last orders). If you need to settle an argument with someone who’s clearly wrong despite calling themselves a film buff, you need the IMDB app on your phone!

IMDB Movies & TV app image


We’ll concede that most of the apps on this list are a mite frivolous, but we’re dead serious when we say that Kindle is an absolutely essential app, because reading is awesome. With all your favourite bestsellers, and thousands of books by new authors, Kindle is quite simply the best way to read ebooks.

kindle app image


If you fancy killing some time, then perhaps a mobile game might be more up your street, and one of the most surprisingly addictive games we’ve tried is Stack. It’s a simple little game (blocks fly in from the side, get the timing right to place them on the stack, get the timing wrong and a bit falls off, making it harder to keep the stack going), but it takes ages to master, and it’s a whole ton of fun.

Stack game app

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Of course, if we’re talking about addictive games, they don’t come any more famous than Minecraft. We don’t even need to explain what Minecraft is, such is its fame. Build stuff, run away from creepers, watch stuff get blown up by creepers, cry for a bit, immediately start rebuilding, and then wonder where the last 6 hours went…

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Fallout Shelter

Now, if we’re talking big names in gaming, we have to look at Fallout, or rather, at Fallout Shelter, the mobile game that went online to celebrate the unveiling of Fallout 4. The goal is simple: build up your vault, and keep your vault dwellers safe. Oh, and ensure the continuity of mankind, but y’know, no pressure…

Fallout Shelter

Plague Inc

Finally, we come to a game where the goal is not to save humanity. No sirree; in Plague Inc, you play as the virus, and your goal is to destroy humanity, countering every cure humanity throws at you, to bring about the extinction of the human species (or as the developers put it, it’s “a bit like the film Contagion except you are on the other side”).

Plague Inc App

And those are our choices for the top ten apps that won’t change the world or make you more productive, but that are fun. Do you have suggestions for apps we’ve missed? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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