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The 5 best running apps to train for a marathon

Start training for the London Marathon 2019!

On Sunday, more than 50,000 people donned their running shoes and took to the busy streets to compete. Yes, we’re talking about the London Marathon 2018.

Aside from being one of the hottest (thanks to our mini heatwave!) on record, the event also saw 34 people set brand-new Guinness World Records. Inspiring, right?

So, where were you? If you didn’t quite make it past the finish line this year… or even to the start line, don’t worry. There’s always next year! Training early is key, so here are some of the best running apps that will help you train for the London Marathon 2019.

1) RockMyRun

Every run you decide to take needs a soundtrack. That’s where RockMyRun comes into play. The app matches music to your speed and tempo, which should help to motivate you as you run.

As though that wasn’t enough, the playlists here have been curated by some of the best DJs in the world. We’re talking David Guetta, Major Lazer, and Afrojack. Nice.

Download RockMyRun for free: iOS app and Android app

2) RunGo

Planning out routes before you head for a city run is absolutely essential. You could just start running aimlessly, but that can be somewhat dangerous if you happen to be in a city environment.

RunGo is just the thing to help you out here. The app has a load of running routes for each city and gives you both a map and audio instructions. All you need to do is pop your headphones on and get going.

Download RunGo for free: iOS app and Android app

3) Runkeeper

Of course, when you’re training, you need to keep track of your progress. While there are loads of fitness apps out there, Runkeeper is specifically designed for runners and could be perfect for you.

The app counts your calories, tracks your mileage, and gives you an accurate step-count too. It also works with devices such as your FitBit, Apple Watch, and Pebble smartwatch. What could be better?

Download Runkeeper for free: iOS app and Android app

4) Runtastic

Not only does this particular running app have an awesome name, it’s also a pretty handy tool too. Like other apps of its kind, it tracks your runs and calories, but there’s more to it than just that.

You can use Runtastic to set long-term goals too. This feature is ideal when training for the London Marathon 2019 as you can slowly build to your ideal speed.

Download Runtastic for free: iOS app and Android app

5) Strava

Strava is a favourite among veteran runners and it’s clear to see why. You can use the app as a social media site, uploading your recent routes and sharing your progress. That should help to keep you on track!

If you’re sick and tired of training by yourself, you can use the app to find some local running groups. Oh, and it also works with a load of wearable tech too so it’s ideal for serious athletes.

Download Strava for free: iOS app and Android app

Well there you have it, the perfect reason to get out there and train your socks off.

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