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The best apps of 2018, as told by Google Play Store

It’s that ‘appy time of year!

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect back on all that 2018 has given us. What apps have we been gifted? And which have been the most fun and useful? The Google Play Store has the answers. Here are the best apps of the year.

Best App of 2018

The Drops app is a great way to learn a language. Google has announced that the app is the best of the year and there’s a good reason why. Complete with 31 different courses (i.e. languages), the app is the ideal way to learn at your own pace and in your own time. Plus, it makes the process super easy too.

User’s Choice App of 2018

Yes, the ‘Front Page of the Internet,’ Reddit won the title in this particular category. The Android app allows you to chat with the community without having to open the page in your browser. It also has snazzy features, including the ability to buy Reddit Coins and Awards in the app itself.

User’s Choice Game of 2018

But what about games? Well, according to Google, the user’s choice game of 2018 is PUBG MOBILE. The battle game sees players pitted against one another in a bid to be the last man standing. What’s more, you can also team up with friends to play together.

Most Entertaining Apps of 2018

What are apps if not entertaining? Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen some pretty impressive apps hit the Play Store. But which were the best? Here’s Google’s rundown of the most entertaining apps of 2018.

  • Vimage – an app that allows you to add cool animations to your pictures
  • No Draw – a colour by numbers game app packed with fun designs
  • Neverthink – an app that has a range of lol-worthy videos selected by real people
  • Scout FM – a fantastic way to listen to (and subscribe to) all the best podcasts
  • Tik Tok – a new social media app that allows you to share 15-second videos

Best Hidden Gems of 2018

Okay, so you’ve probably heard of the most entertaining apps of the year, but what about some of the lesser-known heroes? Let’s take a quick look at the hidden gems of 2018.

  • Slowly  – a new way to send ‘digital snail mail’ to people around the world
  • Unfold – all the Instagram story templates you could need in an app
  • Just a Line – an augmented reality drawing game that you will love
  • Luci – a dream journal that will help you unlock lucid dreaming techniques
  • Learn Spanish with Lirica – a musical way to learn a brand new language

Best Self-improvement Apps of 2018

Self-improvement is kind of a huge deal, especially in the year 2018. We’re all looking for ways in which we can level up and reach our goals. Here are the best ones according to Google.

  • Mimo – an app that gives you the basic tools to learn how to code
  • Drops – learn 31 different languages with this cool app
  • 10% Happier – an app that will teach you how to meditate each day
  • Keep – home workout tutorial app
  • Masterclass – video tutorials on everything from singing to cooking

Best Daily Helper Apps of 2018

Your smartphone should be your digital personal assistant. That’s why these awesome daily helper apps are must-haves. Here are the best ones of 2018.

  • Tasty – a cookery tutorial app from Buzzfeed that everyone will love
  • Canva – the perfect way to design simple things online
  • Notion – a great little ‘to do’ list and note taking app
  • Otter Voice Notes – a note taking app you can speak to
  • Woebot – an app that helps you use CBT tools to battle depression/anxiety

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