The Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android phones

Are you self-employed, or working from home? Do you commute a lot, and want to carry on working when you’re not at your PC? Or do you have a lot of personal projects that you want to manage properly?

And thus, do you find yourself wishing your Android phone could more useful as a productivity tool? You’re in luck, because there are a lot of productivity tools out there! Let’s take a look at five of the best productivity tools you can get on Android phones like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5…

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Microsoft Office

There are a few Microsoft Office apps available on Google Play (namely Word, Excel, and Powerpoint), but for simplicity’s sake, we’ve put them all together into one category. It made sense to do this, because all together, they’re basically Microsoft Office, but on your phone.

Microsoft has taken a sort of two-tier approach to its Office apps, with the full experience being unlocked if you have an Office 36 subscription. However, you still get the core experience without one (allowing you to view, edit and create documents), so even if you don’t want to pay for a subscription, Office is still a worthwhile download!

Note, however, that the separate apps only work with Android phones running KitKat or higher. For older phones, there is the all-in-one Microsoft Office Mobile app, so if you’re running an older phone, go for that one instead!

Microsoft Office Apps on Android

Download Microsoft Office for Android.


If you’re doing actual work on your phone, then the ability to easily share files with clients or co-workers is a hugely desirable thing. There are many different file sharing apps out there, but arguably the best (and certainly one of the most popular) is Dropbox.

Essentially, you get an allocation of space to upload files for sharing, and then you can give a link to people (even to people who don’t have their own Dropbox account), for them to download the file. If you work with big files (if you’re a designer, for example), Dropbox is the perfect alternative to having to send files through email!


Download Dropbox for Android.


Something else that your phone can be useful for is meetings, or more specifically, taking notes in meetings (or just taking notes in general, really). In the arena, the consensus is that Evernote is king.

Giving you a virtual workspace, Evernote has grown to encompass more than just note-taking; as of right now, it’s grown into a virtual office companion, allowing you to take notes, discuss work with colleagues from within the app itself, share notebooks with colleagues, create agendas for meetings, and even manage your expenses.

In short, Evernote is about as essential as it gets!

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Download Evernote for Android.


At the stage in the evolution of the mobile world, there can be few people who don’t know what Skype is, so it seems a little unnecessary to drill down into the features. Put simply, it is perhaps the most common tool for communicating with workmates and friends, allowing you to use instant messages, voice calls and video calls (including conference calls) to stay in touch with the people you need to!


Download Skype for Android.

Universal Password Manager

Finally, we come to an app that might seem superfluous at first glance, as it doesn’t obviously do office-related tasks. Instead, it remembers your passwords, acting as a sort of secure locker for them. However, consider how many different online services you use (and if you go with every app on this list, including a full Office 365 subscription, that’s four new passwords to learn, from this list alone), and consider that it’s good practice to use a unique password for each and every one.

Now consider how much easier life is when you don’t have to remember them all, instead only needing to remember the master password for your password database…

At heart, productivity is about making life easier, so you can get more stuff done, and thus, Universal Password Manager has earned its place on this list, because that’s precisely what it does!


Download Universal Password Manager for Android.

And so, those are our picks for the top 5 productivity apps on Android phones. Thought of some we’ve missed? Leave us a comment with your recommendations for productivity apps!

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