This app for your dog is man’s new best friend

This dog app is all just a walk in the park, but how much is that doggy in the app store?

PitPat, a techy pet start-up, has created a pet tracker and smartphone app that monitors your dog’s activity and calorie count, all in the name of having a healthy pet. It’s like having a free doggy health check in your pocket.

Neat idea, right. I mean, who doesn’t want to know if their dog is getting enough exercise? After all, it contributes to the owner’s overall health too as you strut your stuff down the local park.

So, how does it work. The PitPat activity tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks movements from here. When synced to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, you get a detailed and insightful view of your dog’s activity!

The tracker will record info based on your dog’s breed, age and measured activity. This is the best way for the tech to suggest the amount of exercise your dog needs to be doing. Who’s a clever app then.

The tech is designed to work on an array of iOS and Android devices, from iPhone 4s and upwards, as well as a whole load of Android phones, with fan favourites such as Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry.

So, if your dog has health problems, needs to lose a bit of extra timber or has been given a regime of exercise after having too many treats, this app and monitor could certainly assist owners on their way to achieving this.

So, make like Lassie, save the day and treat yourself and your pet to one of these cool activity monitors. Priced at a woofing £39.99 direct from PitPat, the device comes with a replaceable battery and waterproof design, making it doggy proof from knocks, bumps and those unplanned dips in the lake to retrieve a stick.

All you need now is a new phone to go with it. Check out all our latest mobile phone offers here, they’re so good, you’ll be shocked!

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