This AR Lego experience will jazz up your kids’ Easter break

I mean, who doesn’t love Lego!

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained over the Easter break, there’s no better way than with a mobile phone.

Let your kids engage in this cool Lego AR experience via compatible device.

Lego has devised its first interactive AR experience in a way that’ll help kids get more out of their Lego play. The idea is that the game combines the Lego build with augmented reality interactions.

In this particular app, players must return a haunted world back to normal by ridding the Lego of ghosts and ghouls! It’s worth noting that the Lego sets used are still pretty darn cool, even without the added AR stuff.

Here’s a first look at the Lego Hidden Side app.

Lego Building and Augmented Reality

Enhance the usual Lego play and building with this series of Lego sets that are specially designed for mobile AR integration.

As the Hidden Side sets are built (it’s ideal for ages 7 and up according to Lego), the world comes alive, with creatures to discover, mysteries and challenges all seen through the eyes of your phone.

There’s no doubt that this sort of setup can take your kids imagination up a notch or two.

The augmented reality experience is designed for one-handed phone use, so that your kids can still easily interact with the Lego set and continue the story.

More Lego for Your Mobile

There are of course various mobile phone Lego games and experiences available to keep your kids entertained for both iPhone and Android.

Some free, some with a small cost, there’s loads of Lego inspired goodness to keep the kids out of trouble when you’re on the road or out and about.

From the likes of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Batman and The Avengers! There’s just too much choice, but there’s worse things dwell on. We’re sure the kids will help pick one.

View Lego’s range of Mobile Game Apps here.

Hidden Side Availability

Yet unreleased – Hidden Side is available to download and test for Android via Google Play. The official launch date is August 2019.

Download for free via Google Play.

Frankly, this takes Lego to a whole new level. You get the traditional, classic Lego experience, but with a modern twist. Nice going, Lego, we like it.

Find out more on via the official Lego news room.

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