This new app lets you preview IKEA furniture in your home

Test drive your new furniture first, with IKEA Place. The essential app for shopping addicts.

Let’s face it. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is face the hustle-bustle of weekend shopping. Having to jump off the sofa, get fully washed, dressed and out of the house, can be an extra stress that you just don’t need. That’s perfectly okay, especially because, you don’t actually have to do it at all.

While online (and in-app) shopping is nothing particularly new, IKEA has taken things to a whole new level with its latest offering to the realms of e-commerce. Thanks to the launch of Apple’s new ARKit tech, the multinational furniture company has been quietly developing a rather special little shopping tool that you’re going to want to check out.

Say hello to IKEA Place — the app that allows you to see how new furnishings will look in your home.

To use it, you’ll need to make sure that you have iOS 11 on your handset. First, the app scans your whole room using the iPhone’s camera. Then, you can look through furniture and ‘place’ items in your room to see how they would look.

But wait, things are about to get better still… You can also move the furnishings around on the screen and figure out where they’ll fit the room best.

If, back in the day, you were the kind of person who loved furnishing and fitting out your homes on The Sims game, this is basically the app of your dreams.

Once you start using IKEA Place, you no longer merely have to imagine how that great new armchair will look in your minimal living room. Instead, you can see just how well it will match your other Scandi stuff with just the click of a button. What could be easier than that?

So, there you have it — the simplest way to shop for IKEA furniture without ever having to leave your own home. Of course, there’s just one major drawback here that many may be overlooking. You don’t get any of the tasty and cheap Swedish meatballs from the cafe. Sigh. Perhaps it’s worth the trade-off of not having to get out of your PJs, though!

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