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This VR game is the best way to find Fantastic Beasts

Form an orderly queue Potter fans, this virtual reality (VR) mobile game for Fantastic Beasts is a thing of beauty.

With Harry Potter fever still very much alive, Warner Bros. has recently released a VR game focused around the popular Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise.

Here’s a little taster of what to expect as you join Newt Scamander and co:

The Game

This VR game has been created to immerse us Fantastic Beasts fans into the wizarding world first hand, through the increasingly popular medium of VR for smartphone.

The cinematic and beautiful experience lets you meet and interact with six of the beasts from the popular 2016 movie, complete spells and absorb some magic from the comfort of your living room.

In the game, along with a few others, you’ll meet the creatures from the film, including: a Bowtruckle, Erumpant, Niffler and Thunderbird.

How to Play

The game is centred around you and your view of the Fantastic Beasts world. But, what can you do?

Well, from inside Newt Scamander’s case, you’ll get to work your magic and wave your wand, learning spells and taming creatures. Essentially, the stuff that helps assist the Ministry of Magic and the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (a note for the muggles among us – that’s who Newt Scamander works for).

Enjoy this beautiful and immersive experience and work to become a master of Magizoology like Newt himself.

Here’s Newt Scamander, A.K.A. actor Eddie Redmayne, trying his hand at the VR game:

Where Can You Get It?

The VR experience game is available for most VR platforms to download and enjoy. Get it and play on specific virtual reality headsets, or simply download and play on your smartphone if you prefer:

The price to immerse yourself in the wizarding world ranges from £3.99 on Oculus VR to £9.99 on Vive for HTC.

Finally, it’s worth checking out the compatibility of the game for your individual smartphone before you buy, as some older smartphones might not be supported. Details can be found in the individual app download information.

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