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10 things we expect to see on iPhone 7

Join us as we take a look at 10 features that’re expected on the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, as well as its rumoured release date.

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So we guess there’re probably one or two people starting to feel excited about the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, and let’s be honest… we’re starting to feel a few jitters ourselves.

But what are we expecting to actually see during the big reveal? And what new features are going to seduce people into trading in their old iPhones?

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1) Force Touch display

One of the big rumours we keep hearing is that iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 will use the same “Force Touch” technology found in the Apple Watch.

In other words, the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 will sport a screen that’s able to tell a touch from a press (where you put pressure on the screen), allowing a whole new way to interact with your iPhone.

As this has been one of the most consistent rumours – and since there’s been talk of Apple’s suppliers working on just such a screen – this one looks like it’s locked in as a definite.

2) Same screen sizes

Another rumour has been bandied about, stating that there will be two different iPhones this year and that, just like in 2014, one will have a 4.7-inch screen while the other a 5.5-inch screen.

So, in essence, what we’re saying is that we expect to see the iPhone 6S Plus / iPhone 7 Plus making its big debut alongside the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, in the same way that the iPhone 6 was joined on stage by its big brother.

Oh, and the displays may be fashioned from sapphire, instead of Gorilla Glass, as Corning is said to have designed a sapphire glass that has the drop resistance of their usual glass, while retaining sapphire’s higher scratch resistance.

3) Same iconic design

Let’s be honest, this one seems a safe bet. Historically Apple’s ‘S’ variant of iPhones have inherited the same design as their predecessors, with radical aesthetic changes only arriving with each new number (iPhone 4, 5 and 6). If you’re expecting a whole new device, you might be let down.

4) Rose gold body

Lots of industry gossip is suggesting that Apple may introduce a rose gold variant of the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, to either compliment or replace the existing gold colour we’re all so familiar with. Other brands like HTC have trialled this with much success.

5) New materials

Apple is rumoured to be taking steps to avoid another Bendgate (remember when people attempted to bend their phones, and felt indignant when they actually did?) with the upcoming iPhone 6S. So it’s feasible that we might see some new, more robust materials in the makeup.

6) 12MP camera

One of the most exciting rumours claims that iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 will boast a 12-megapixel camera, offering a nice increase over the 8-megapixel unit in the iPhone 6.

Combined with the usual software brilliance and high-end lenses, we’d expect that the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 would let you take remarkable photos that surpass current levels.

7) Speedy A9 processor

Naturally, we’re expecting an updated processor, in the form of a next-gen 64-bit A9 chipset. This will eclipse the performance of the A8, which is already a beast. And a new M9 co-processor will likely be on board, managing the handset’s sensors with more proficiency.

8) 2GB RAM

An extra bump in processing power should really be bolstered with an upgrade in RAM too. So we think Apple will slip in an extra gigabyte, bringing the total to two. It’s important if the next iPhone is to operate as smoothly as other top mobile phones, like Samsung Galaxy S6, which features 3GB RAM.

9) Touch ID Upgrade

Apple Pay is being pushed hard now it has officially hit the UK, and since it relies on iPhone’s Touch ID (namely the fingerprint scanner), we expect a greater focus on that technology, in order to optimise it for an even better user experience.

10) iPhone 6C

This isn’t strictly something we expect to see on iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, but something we might see with it.

We’ve heard various rumours that they will be joined by a smaller iPhone 6C (with a 4-inch screen), but there are more rumours contradicting this.

We definitely expect to see the two larger models, and perhaps the iPhone 6C at a later date. Maybe 2016.

Release Date

According to BuzzFeed, sources “familiar with Apple’s plans” are claiming that the next iPhone will be unveiled during the week starting 7th September, with the 9th the most likely date.

Up until now, it was widely presumed that Apple would be launching its iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 towards the back end of September, with many pinpointing the 25th as the chosen date.

And there we have the ten things we expect to see on the next iPhone, including its release date. Watch this space for more news!

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