iOS 11: features and how to download for free

Check out these new features on iOS 11, and find how to download it for free.

The wait is over. You need no longer twiddle your thumbs wondering when you’ll get a chance to upgrade to the much-awaited iOS 11.

Today is the day! Yep, Tuesday 19 September marks the official launch of iOS 11, Apple’s latest operating system. It really is time to celebrate with this new upgrade.

Before we get into how to download iOS 11 for free on your iPhone or iPad, here are 11 new features you should be very excited about.

1) A Sexy New App Store

During the WWDC 2017 keynote earlier this year, Apple announced a load of new iOS 11 features. In all the excitement, though, the brand-new App Store might have escaped you. Yes, with the latest update, Apple will be revamping the store so that it’s easier than ever to discover the things that you love.

2) Easy-to-access Notifications

Right now, on iOS 10, your lockscreen and notification centre are two separate entities. If you want to see what you’ve missed, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen. It’s easy enough, but could it be easier? Well, Apple seems to think so.

With iOS 11, things are set to change. Rather than having two separate screens for these functions, they’ll live on the same screen. Essentially, that means that you’ll be able to see all your notifications without having to swipe or unlock your phone.

3) Even Livelier Live Photos

There’s a whole load of new iOS 11 features that’ll help you take your photo game to the next level. For one thing, Apple’s Live Photos will help you share intriguing snaps in modes such as Bounce and Loop, making them even, well, livelier.

What’s more, there’s set to be a whole load of new filters for your pictures, too, so each and every one will be Instagram-ready before you even open the app.

Oh, and as if they weren’t enough, there’s a brand-new system of storing photos and videos too. While this system may not change the way you search for your media, it will take up much less space on your iPhone.

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4) A Whole New (Virtual) World

It may only be developers who’re raving about Apple’s new ARKit right now, but think of all the possibilities that this opens up. Now, those very developers will be able to create impressive augmented reality images for both your iPad and iPhone. These ought to sync with the camera which means that you’ll soon have access to a whole new, virtual world.

5) Siri Just Got Even Brainier!

While Siri has come a long, long way over the years, the AI isn’t yet the perfect assistant we dream of. iOS 11 aims to change that, getting us a bit closer to the goal.

Siri on iOS 11 will have enhanced ‘contextual learning’, which should mean that it’s smarter than ever before. When you listen to a certain news story from the app, you should find that Siri remembers and is able to answer follow-up questions relating to what you’ve just found out.

Many Apple fans will also be happy to hear that Siri is getting a brand new, more authentic voice. Choose either a male or female in a variety of accents, for a less robotic and more human experience.

Plus, perhaps even cooler, Siri will be able to translate different languages for you. Speaking English, you can ask it how to say to say phrases in Chinese, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

6) Do Not Disturb While Driving

Road safety is an important issue that all too often goes overlooked. Luckily, Apple has got this one covered. One of the most useful iOS 11 features is the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode.

Your iPhone will immediately switch into this mode when you start driving, which means that you needn’t worry about it at all.

Once in Do Not Disturb While Driving, you won’t get any notifications. That means you won’t get stressed out when your phone starts beeping and you’re behind the wheel. It also forces you to quit texting and driving (which is a dangerous and illegal habit!).

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