15 Apple products you probably didn’t know existed

OK, the Macintosh Phone isn’t a real thing, but the rest of these are…

Apple has had some seriously major hits over the years: the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

However, no company is perfect, and you can’t get things right on the mark 100% of the time.

So, let’s take a journey through time and technology. Here are some of the lesser-known Apple products that you probably won’t even remember.

1) Apple ProFile (1981)

Back in 1981, Apple was leading the way with its first ever hard disk drive. The ProFile had a storage capacity of 5MB and could be used alongside the Apple III computer. Of course, in the 80s, tech like this didn’t come cheap. It would have cost around £2,700. Ouch.

2) Apple LCD Flat Panel Display (1984)

Long before the likes of the MacBook, there was the Apple IIc – a compact computer that you could take anywhere. There was just one problem: It didn’t have a screen. Apple released the LCD Flat Panel Display to attach to the gadget. Neat.

3) Apple Macintosh Portrait Display (1989)

Can you imagine a computer screen in portrait rather than landscape? Apple could. In 1989, the company released the Apple Macintosh Portrait Display. The 15-inch vertical screen might look weird now but the geniuses must have thought it’d take off (it did, eventually, as an iPhone and iPad).

4) Apple OneScanner (1991)

Far from the most exciting Apple product in the world, the OneScanner was just what it said on the tin. A scanner. It used an SCSI interface which meant that it could transfer data from device to device. Yawn…

5) Apple MessagePad (1993)

Making notes on the go should have been easy with the Apple MessagePad. The personal digital assistant (PDA) was supposed to allow users to make handwritten notes with ease. However, the gadget wasn’t so great at actually recognising handwriting so got discontinued just five years later.

6) Apple PowerCD (1993)

We all know that Apple started out making computers, but the brand’s first musical number was released in the 90s. The PowerCD was a Philips CDF-100 with the Apple logo stuck on the front of it. While it wasn’t a major move, it certainly showed where the company was heading.

7) Apple Macintosh TV (1993)

The company might be moving into the realms of TV now but it’s by no means the first time this has happened. The handy gadget had a 14-inch Sony Trinitron CRT display and could be used as either a computer or a television. Nice.

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