15 hidden bonus Samsung Galaxy S8 features

App shortcuts, floating buttons, and new modes.

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally yours to buy. If you’re lucky enough to already own one, there are a load of extra features you should know about.

Samsung really upped its game with this smartphone, so much so that we found out 15 hidden bonus features that you probably didn’t know.

Try these out for size!

1) Easy Zoom In and Out

One of the best camera shortcuts on Samsung Galaxy S8 must be the zoom in and out function. You no longer need mess around with menus to get this to work. Instead, just slide up or down on the display shutter button to adjust your zoom level. Simples!

2) Unlock the Floating Camera Button

When you’re trying to take a selfie or, indeed, the perfect family portrait, the position of the camera button can sometimes be a bit of a pain. If the angle isn’t quite right, it’s difficult trying to reach.

In the camera settings, though, you can unlock a floating camera button that allows you to click anywhere on the screen to take a photo. No overstretched fingers, finally!

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3) Brighten Up Your Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the bottom of Samsung Galaxy S8 display has a hidden feature that you may not know about just yet. If you head to your settings, you can change the colour of the bar to a custom one of your choice.

4) Unlock Your Lock Screen, for Good!

If, for whatever reason, you feel that you just don’t need a lock screen, perhaps because you’re an open individual, you can get rid of it.

On Samsung Galaxy S8, that’s entirely possible to achieve in your security settings, so your phone doesn’t lock when you leave it untouched for a while.

5) Left or Right? You Decide

When you take your Samsung Galaxy S8 out the box, the dynamic back button sits on the left of the display, and navigation buttons on the right.

However, if this doesn’t work for you, you can swap them around. Just head to settings and choose the best layout for your navigation bar.

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