15 hidden bonus Samsung Galaxy S8 features

6) Get the Sensitivity Just Right

As you probably know, the home button on Samsung Galaxy S8 is rather sensitive. However, if you feel that you’d like it to be less so, you can change the sensitivity level by heading to the settings menu.

7) Right-Click on Your Apps

Try long pressing an app icon and you’ll be in for something of a surprise. You see, this unlocks a mini ‘app shortcut’ box with a few options you can try without opening the full app. It’s like a right-click for phones. Go on, give it a go.

8) Don’t Forget to Right-Click Samsung’s Apps

You might think that Samsung’s own apps wouldn’t support a long press, or ‘right-click’, for shortcut options. Well, here’s the surprise: they do. Try it on apps like the Camera.

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9) Finally Start (and Stick to) That Diet

The Samsung Health app just got a whole load fancier. It has expert advice, dietary tips, and support that will help you reach your fitness goals in no time at all. Phew! That should make keeping healthy a whole load easier.

10) Put Everything Within Reach

Yes, screens may be getting bigger, but our hands have sadly remained the same old size. If you struggle to reach the corners of the screen with just one hand, put the phone into ‘one handed’ mode. That means that you get a smaller version of the screen to the side of the phone. Hit the home button three times to switch to this mode.

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