15 hidden bonus Samsung Galaxy S8 features

11) Switch Back to Two-Hand Mode

Once both hands are free again, you might want to go back to the normal sized screen. Use the settings gear to the side of the screen to switch back. After a while, this will feel like the most natural thing in the world.

12) Boost Your Battery Life

Are you draining through battery too quickly? If you’re doing lots of high-performance tasks, like playing games, you’ll use up plenty of power. To ensure your Galaxy S8 lasts a little longer, switch on performance mode in the settings.

13) Share Videos Quickly and Easily

Sending a video to a pal has never been quite so fast! Using the Samsung Cloud Link Sharing feature takes mere seconds to send over a file of up to 1GB. Now, go ahead, start sharing those oh-so-hilarious clips.

14) Save that Interesting Article for Later

When browsing the web, and you come across a page that you want to come back to, perhaps an article you don’t have time to read right now, you can save it for later. Just press Share > Reminders and you can get a reminder for the link whenever you need it.

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15) A Brand New App Button

Most Samsung owners are used to swiping up on the home screen to get to certain apps. However, you can change this feature so that you have a dedicated app button on the main navigation bar. So. Many. Choices.

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