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20 breathtaking iPhone photos

(iPhone photos) Michael O'Neil - Animals

Even the most well-acquainted and highly-competent iPhone users are going to be stunned, after seeing some of the remarkable results an iSight camera is capable of capturing.

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS), the longest running iPhone photography competition (since 2007), have recently announced this year’s winning shots, which have been selected from thousands of photos, submitted by photographers from all over the world.

We’re huge advocates of Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, because they truly are exceptional smartphones, but we’re even a little taken aback by some of these breathtaking images.

Here are the winning iPhone photos:

Julio Lucas – Photographer of the Year, 1st place

Julio Lucas - Photographer of the Year (1st)Image courtesy of ippawards.com

Jose Fernandez – Photographer of the Year, 2nd place

Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez - Photographer of the Year (2nd)Image courtesy of ippawards.com

 Jill Missner – Photographer of the Year, 3rd place

 Jill Missner - Photographer of the Year (3rd)Image courtesy of ippawards.com

Michael O’Neil – Animals

Michael O'Neil - AnimalsImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Yilang Peng – Architecture

Yilang Peng - Architecture Image courtesy of ippawards.com

Danny Van Vuuren – Children

Danny Van Vuuren - ChildrenImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Jenny Anderson – Flowers

Jenny Anderson - FlowersImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Alexa Seidl – Food

Alexa Seidl - FoodImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Felicia Pandola – Nature

Felicia Pandola - NatureImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Elena Grimailo – Landscape

Elena Grimailo - LandscapeImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Brandon Kidwell – Lifestyle

Brandon Kidwell - LifestyleImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Gerrard Collett – News/Events

Gerrard Collett - News/EventsImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Terry Vital – Others

Terry Vital - OthersImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Kyle G. Horst – Panorama

Kyle G. Horst - PanoramaImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Lauren Smith – People

Lauren Smith - PeopleImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Cocu Liu – Seasons

Cocu Liu - SeasonsImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Sofija Strindlund – Still Life

Sofija Strindlund - Still LifeImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Little Su – Sunset

Little Su - SunsetImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Adrienne Pitts – Travel

Adrienne Pitts - TravelImage courtesy of ippawards.com

Aaron Pike – Trees

Aaron Pike - TreesImage courtesy of ippawards.com

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