5 Google Pixel 3 features that could make your day better

Just after a simple life? Google Pixel 3 has got your back.

Modern life is complicated at the best of times. If you’re struggling to keep your work-life balance in check, technology could actually be the answer.

Google Pixel 3 has a whole range of neat features and tricks that will help make your everyday existence just a little bit easier. Here’s how to use them to streamline your life.

1) Compose Emails Like a Boss

Do you feel as though the majority of your working day is spent writing emails? We hear you!

Luckily, Google Pixel 3 has something that can help you waste less time writing messages and more time getting stuff done. Gmail’s Smart Compose is a smart feature that guesses what phrases and words you’re going to use in your emails. Easy.

2) Find Things Quicker with Google Lens

Searching has never been quicker. With Google Lens, you simply point your camera at an object, and the Google Pixel device does the rest.

The feature can recognise more than a billion different things, according to a blog post by the company. What’s more, it also has an optical character recognition engine, which means that it can read text too.

Picture the scenario. You’re in some fancy high-street shop looking for some new threads when you see some jeans that catch your eye. All you need to do is snap a picture with Google Lens and search. You can see whether there are similar (or even the same!) jeans online for a more affordable price. Perfect.

3) Avoid Unwanted Calls

Sick and tired of getting nonsense calls? Here’s one of the best hacks to help you streamline your life.

The Call Screening feature on the Google Pixel 3 allows you to hear who is on the other end of the line before actually answering.

Tap the Screen Call button and Google will answer the phone for you and let the person know you’re using the screening feature. You can then see if the call is actually worth your time.

4) Get Help from Google Assistant

Whether you’re in a rush or just too busy to type, Google Assistant has your back. As far as AI features go, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Not only can you search for what you need, but the feature also syncs with a range of applications on your phone to give you a better, more in-depth experience.

For example, you can use it to order food through Just Eat (yes, please!), check your train times on the Trainline, or play a certain tune on Spotify.

All the above means that the feature is more like a real-life assistant than ever before. You simply have to say ‘Hey Google’ and tell it what you need.

5) Connect Your Home

If you’re on your way to having a smart home, this final tip is for you. You can use Google Assistant on your Google Pixel device to control certain smart home devices.

Gadgets you can use include Philips Hue smart lights, Nest, and Chromecast. You can set these features up by using Google’s guide. Once you’re done, you can control handy things (like the heating!) when you’re not at home! Hello, warm house the moment you get in.

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