5 mobile phone trends that will be big in 2019

The future is…. bezeless!

Now that the new year is finally here, it’s time to look ahead. What can we expect from the wonderful world of smartphones? Here are five trends set to come our way.

1) In-Screen Fingerprint Scanners

Forget physical scanners – 2019 could be the year of the in-screen fingerprint scanner.

This technology will work by allowing users to unlock and use their devices with just a tap of their finger on the main display. Easy.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of this particularly security update is that more devices will be able to have a near bezeless look.

Some flagship phones, such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, already have this feature and it seems that many of the upcoming smartphones are set to follow suit.

For example, Apple may be planning on introducing this security feature to its next line of iPhones, according to a recently leaked patent. Interesting stuff.

2) Foldable Phone Screens

This next trend has been a long time in the making and is a seriously exciting advancement.

Earlier this year, Samsung showed off their prototype ‘Infinity Flex Display,’ a screen that actually bends in half and can be opened back up to use. A true phablet, you might say. While the tech is still quite new, it’s certainly the way of the future. Yes, foldable phones could be here soon enough… We’re just not sure when yet.

3) 5G Capabilities

One of the most highly awaited developments to come our way in 2019 is 5G. The next generation of data technology will likely change the way that we use our phones completely.

For one thing, we already know that the speed of 5G will be ultra-fast, meaning that we will all be able to access things online quicker than ever.

It could also mean that AR features are more impressive and immersive, allowing us to merge both reality with CGI imagery on our phones. Neat.

The future is basically here. EE has already announced a whole bunch of cities in which the network will be available. Plus, other mobile providers are certain to follow in EE’s wake.

4) Water-Drop Notch Designs

Huawei Mate 20

The notch is here to stay! As more and more phones are becoming almost bezeless in design, there’s one element that has to remain on the front screen.

The notch at the top of devices actually has a function – it’s where the selfie camera sits. While it’s a design feature that is certain to stick around for quite some time, the chances of it getting smaller and subtler are high. For that reason, we can expect smaller, water-drop style notches.

5) Pop-Up Camera Lenses

Imagine taking a picture on your phone and a small camera lens popping out the top of it. It’s a cool idea and it may soon be reality.

The sliding mechanism is one of the biggest innovations in smartphone hardware and could soon be used on some flagship devices.

The idea is that both the rear and selfie cameras are contained within this small square. Most of the time, it’s tucked inside the phone, but when you take a photo it pops out!

The hardware would solve the above issue of where the selfie cam sits and could mean that we see entirely bezeless phones in the not so distant future.

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