5 Smartphone Charging Myths Busted!

Because not all phone chargers are equal

There are a load of rumours and myths when it comes to smartphone charging, but it’s time to put some of them to rest once and for all. Here are five things that most of us believe about our smartphones that are 100% not true. Oops.

1) Apps running causes your phone to die

When you’re battery is about to die, you likely do one simple thing — close down all the apps. After all, we all know that apps running in the background drain your juice, right? Um, wrong!

Actually, when you close down the apps, you could be doing way more damage to your smartphone’s battery than you know. You see, the moment you swipe them away or force them to quit, you’re essentially removing them from your phone’s short-term memory list. What that means is the next time you open the apps, your device will have to work extra hard and use more power to get it up and running. Yikes.

2) Letting your phone go dead is a sin!

As the battery symbol drops into the red, your heart starts to beat faster and faster. You need to find a charger ASAP. Because, if there’s one thing that we all know to be true, it’s that letting your phone die completely ruins its battery. Or does it?

In reality, letting your phone die now and then may not be such a bad thing. According to experts, allowing your device to go through its full charging cycle (from 100% life to nothing at all) could do it some good. It means that the device can accurately detect when the battery is high or low and give you the right percentage on screen.

3) All smartphone chargers are the same

Losing your phone charger can be an absolute nightmare, but before you rush out and buy a cheap and cheerful alternative, there’s something you should know. Using an unofficial charger with your phone could actually do it some damage.

When it comes to the leading smartphones — from Samsung to the iPhone — the chargers are designed to give just the right amount of charge to the phone. If you use the wrong type of charger, you could find that your phone overheats or even runs slower than it should. Yikes. That’s something you need to avoid.

4) It doesn’t matter how long you charge your phone for

Of course, we all want our phone’s batteries to last as long as possible. So, what really counts here is how long we charge our phones and, indeed, when we charge them as well. To get the best possible use out of your device, experts suggest that you should charge your phone when it gets to 20% and only charge it up to 80%. Doing so will stop you putting too much stress on the battery, meaning that it will last longer!

5) Your smartphone battery should last forever

Oh, if only this were the case! Most modern day smartphones contain lithium-ion batteries, which are by no means made to last forever. Sorry to burst the bubble, guys! That means that the battery should last for around 300 to 500 full charge cycles.

But wait, what does that really mean? Well, if you happen to be a heavy phone user, you should find that your battery lasts at least a year before you notice any change in it. If you use your phone a little less (as in the average amount), it will likely last around two years.

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