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5 top tips for buying a new smartphone

Your mobile isn’t something you change every week after all.

We all know the pain of choosing from the vast array of smartphones out there on the market. Usually, we’ll have an affiliation to one brand over another, but lets not forget, there’s loads out there.

Every 24 months we have to figure out what phone we want, then go off and find that killer deal!

Hopefully this little checklist will help you in the task.

5) How Much Data Do You Need?

You’ll be surprised, but a lot of people don’t actually know how much data they use every month.

You can usually find out by logging into your network providers account area or app. It will tell you how much data you’ve used up of your allowance, along with minutes and texts.

Buymobiles.net has data deals up to and over 30GB Data per month, giving you pretty much endless data to use. So, if you love spending your time on Insta, scrolling Facebook and Snapchatting all day long, you more than likely want a big data deal.

4) What Do You Use Your Phone For?

You might think this is a silly question, but bear with us. As we know, mobiles these days are much much more than a standard phone.

If you’re an aspiring photographer, you’ll want a smartphone with a boss camera, right? You’ll probably be swaying towards the likes of Huawei, Apple and Samsung for that.

Or, if you need a super hardy phone, say you’re a tradesman or work out on site a lot, you may want something more specialist, like CAT smartphones. If you’re all about the tunes, you may want a Sony or Razer Phone. Just something to think about here, you want to be satisfied with your choice after all.

3) When Are the Latest Phones Coming Out?

Every mobile brand launches its new phones at certain points throughout the year. If you’re an avid Apple lover, you’ll know that it’s every September the tech giant launches its latest and greatest smartphone.

So, depending where your affiliation lies, you may want to plan your next phone purchase around these.

You’ll also want to look and compare the current device on offer with the newly announced one. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better deal, but you can compare an existing against the latest handset, to see what tech you’ll get for your money!

2) Apple or Android?

This is a very popular talking point in our office, especially that one guy who is all about Windows phones. Anyway, you’ll probably have a bunch of mates that either are all on Android or Apple.

Either way, it’s getting harder to distinguish which is better, you’ll be sure to get amazing features and technology on all the latest and greatest phones sporting the most up to date software. iPhone usually gets the latest iOS update every year, with new and improved features to enhance the user experience. Similarly, Google will release a yearly version of Android too, and further add to the Android smartphones capability.

1) Total Cost of Ownership

This must be the number one consideration for anyone buying your next smartphone.

When you’re on the hunt, you’ll want to consider the total cost of ownership. What is this you say?

Although it could be something that’s generally overlooked, as you’ve just netted this sweet deal with loads of data, it might not necessarily be the best value for you.

This is what you should do. Combine the monthly cost over the full contract term, plus any other costs, like the upfront charge. That will give you the lifetime value of the contract, and you know you’ve got a killer deal. Simples.

You’ll find that our deals at Buymobiles.net are always competitive against the market. Here’s some of our best right here, similarly you can check out sites like uSwitch, where we’re also very competitive on all our favourite handsets.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but make sure you take a little time to find the best deal. Remember though, they won’t stay around forever.

Well, there you have it, a little checklist to help you along the way when it comes to getting your new smartphone.



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