6 things you should know about iPhone XR

Let’s take a look at Apple’s first R series iPhone!

During September 2018, Apple announced not one, but three fancy new iPhone models.

You may have heard all of the hype about iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max already. Sure, they’re the stars of the show, but that doesn’t mean that you should overlook the third new offering. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about iPhone XR.

1) The LCD is Bright Enough

If there’s one thing that you’ve likely heard about iPhone XR, it’s that the screen is an LCD rather than an OLED. Yes, it’s true. Apple has given this device a slightly less advanced display, compared to iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

However, don’t let that fact put you off iPhone XR. Not for a single minute. The newly named Liquid Retina HD screen should be plenty bright enough for the average user. The truth is that few people will be able to truly tell the difference here.

2) The Processor is Top-Notch

Now, let’s talk about what’s under the hood. You might think that since iPhone XR is a more affordable device than iPhone Xs and Xs Max, it’s going to lack the essentials. Wrong. It actually has the same A12 processor as the more expensive iPhone models, meaning it will run as fast and efficient as ever.

3) There’s No 3D Touch

Instead, Apple has replaced the feature with something called ‘haptic touch’. This function will mean that you can access the camera quickly from your home screen. Losing 3D Touch won’t be the end of the world, as it’s so quick and easy to navigate around iPhone that you may not even need it.

4) The Camera is Single Lens

Smartphone photography is no small deal. Modern-day phones need to have a suave camera to win people over. Unlike iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR does not have a dual-lens setup on the rear. It’s a single-lens camera.

Despite this fact, you should still be able to take some stellar pictures with the device. Apple claims that the Portrait Mode will be as crisp and clear as before. Plus, there are loads of cool photography extras to enjoy here.

5) ‘R’ Probably Doesn’t Stand for Anything

Apple has been appending letters to the end of its iPhone names for years, going all the way back to iPhone 3GS. At the time, Apple revealed that the ‘S’ stood for ‘speed’. But since then, the tech company has remained tight lipped so far as what any subsequent ‘S’ models have stood for.

It’s possible that the ‘c’ in iPhone 5c was a nod to the colour variations. But, as you might have guessed, Apple never actually told us. And with no obvious indication as to what the ‘R’ in iPhone XR could mean, it’s really quite possible that it doesn’t stand for anything. Other than the fact that the letter ‘r’ comes before ‘s’ in the alphabet, which, when considered in context alongside iPhone Xs, could simply mean that iPhone XR is a slightly lesser version. But only slightly.

6) It’s an Affordable Option

Not sure whether the iPhone XR is for you? Here’s one final nugget of information that may sway you. When you consider the brand-new line of iPhone, this one is the most affordable option. iPhone Xs starts at £999 while iPhone Xs Max starts at £1099. Then, there’s iPhone XR, which is a whole load more affordable, starting at £749. It’s better for your bank account, which is always a real bonus.

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