7 amazing Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks you need to know

Master you Samsung Galaxy S10 with these helpful tips.

Are you lucky enough to own a new Samsung Galaxy S10? The reviews so far have been strikingly positive.

When you get the phone for yourself, you’re going to want to make the most of all the snazzy new features. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started right away.

1) Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Worried about the detrimental effect blue light could be having on your sleep?

If you tend to use your phone a lot in the evening, you may find that filtering out this particular type of light helps you to relax.

Accessing the filter on your Galaxy S10 couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the Full Quick Panel and press and hold the blue light filter button. Simple.

2) Improve Your Photo Game

Shot suggestions helps you take better photos on your Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

You can find the feature by launching the Camera app and then heading to Settings. Then, you simply need to move your phone until you see the Best Shot appear on the screen.

3) Make Your Picture Pop!

Next up, you can make your pictures pop by using the Scene Optimiser feature.

This mode is the default one when you launch the Camera app. The lens will take a moment to detect the subject of the photo and optimise it for the best results.

4) Take Steady Videos

There’s nothing worse than a shaky video.

If you want to avoid this issue, try using the Super Steady mode in the Camera app. When you launch it, you should find that keeping the clip as smooth as possible is easy. Give it a go!

5) Turn On Night Mode

Having a break from your phone so you can relax and unwind is never a bad idea.

Switching on Night Mode is seriously straightforward. Head to the Full Quick Panel and then tap the moon symbol to turn it on. Sleep tight!

6) Share Your Power

The brand new PowerShare feature is one of the most exciting things about Samsung Galaxy S10.

When you get your new phone, you may be eager to get started with this one right away. To do just that, go to the Full Quick Panel and then tap on the Wireless PowerShare symbol. When it says ‘Ready to connect’, you can put the other wireless device on the back of your phone to juice it up!

7) Use the Ultra-Wide Lens

Ready to fit more into your snaps? The Wide or Ultra-Wide lens can help you get things right.

Launch the Camera app to get started and then pick either one of these modes to get more from your pictures. You will see a big difference instantly. Neat.

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