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7 creepy things Facebook knows about you

And you thought it was only your mum that knew these things!

Is it just me or is Facebook getting kind of nosey? There has always been rumours about the site keeping tabs on us, but you only have to scratch the surface to find the truth.

While the company is somewhat secretive, the powers behind the social platform constantly file patents, which offer us an insight into what they have planned.

Recently, The New York Times reviewed some of the latest patents that have been filed on behalf of Facebook. The results showed us just how much the site knows about us (and what the people behind it plan to do with that information). Brace yourself.

1) Your Weekly Routine

From when you typically get out of bed to what time you return home, Facebook could have all the info on your day-to-day life. One patent application describes using the social media platform to track your weekly routine and, scarily, telling other users when you deviate from it.

2) The Cracks on Your Camera Lens

Dropped your phone one too many times? If your lens happens to have cracks, faulty pixels, or scratches on it, Facebook could be analysing that information.

One patent describes the idea of creating a camera ‘signature,’ i.e. remembering the imperfections of your particular camera, to identify pictures taken using it.

3) Your Future Life Events!

Facebook may plan on using your messages and posts (along with more sensitive information like your location and payment transactions) to predict your future.

The feature would estimate when certain milestones will occur, such as an engagement or birth. That means that Facebook may know when your significant other is about to pop the question before you do. What?!

4) Your Personality Traits

Nobody knows you quite like your best friend, Facebook. The same patent discusses the idea of using your messages and posts to analyse your personality type.

It would look at how open, extraverted and emotionally stable you are, among other things. Using this information, the app would determine which news stories to show you.

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5) Whether You’re in a Relationship

Of course, if you change your relationship status on Facebook, the social media platform will know that you’re in one. Duh! However, what you might not realise is that it could have this information already.

A recent patent application explains that it would look at information – such as how many people are in your profile picture and how many friends of the other gender you have – to figure out this mystery. Yikes.

6) How Your Home Sounds

Worried about Facebook tapping the microphone on your smartphone? You should be. One of the patents looks at the idea of using this hardware to listen to your home environment. It would tune in when you’re watching TV to see what shows you follow.

As though that wasn’t creepy enough, the patent says that it would listen to find out whether you happen to mute the adverts in between shows. The application would use the ‘electrical interference pattern’ created by your TV cable to identify shows. No, no, no…

7) Who You Hang out With (and When You Sleep!)

You don’t have to post anything about your #SquadGoals to let Facebook know who your besties are. One patent suggests using your home location and matching it to that of your friends to see when you visit them.

The same patent says that it would check how long your phone is still for so that it can figure out how many hours you sleep each night. Stop it, guys. Just stop it.

So, in case you weren’t already bewildered enough by Facebook, you will be now!

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