A former Tesco employee earns £12.3m from YouTube in 2017

How’s your year been? This former Tesco employee earned a casual £12.3m this year from his YouTube channel.

We all partake in a little gaming from time to time, weather it be on the latest FIFA or building your dream home on The Sims. The games industry was worth £4.33 billion in 2016 alone, with an estimated 32.4 million if us in the UK playing games.

It is these staggering numbers that have brought about the rise of the vlogger, (meaning video blogger), and their influence on many of us who enjoy the games these vloggers post about. This young man who made the headlines recently, has made his own online legacy.

So, Who Is He?

Dan Middleton, or DanTDM as he’s known online, is a 26-year-old man who has tapped into the gaming industry’s success with his hugely popular YouTube channel. He was born and raised in Aldershot, before flying the nest to Northampton University (where he first started vlogging) and eventually settled in Northamptonshire.

Middleton married back in 2013 to girlfriend Jemma (sorry, ladies), and apparently they love gaming together. Shock horror… Perhaps not as much as they love their two little pugs, though, who certainly aren’t camera shy. They even feature in Middleton’s videos from time to time.

What Does He Do for a Living?

Middleton first started vlogging when he was at university, running a YouTube channel that focussed on the wonderful world of Pokémon.

On completing his degree, he landed himself a job working the aisles at Tesco. But by 2012, Middleton was growing bored of his nine-to-five job, and decided it was high time to start his now-famous Minecraft YouTube channel, called The Diamond Minecart.

Thanks to the extreme popularity of Minecraft, DanTDM quickly racked up a huge following…

How Did He Became a Multi-Millionaire?

The vlogger soon received recognition for his online channel. DanTDM became a Minecraft Guinness World Record holder in 2015, for the most views on a dedicated video channel. He has also been named in the 2017 version of the record book. Here’s how he did it:

DanTDM is now closing in on 17 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, with another few million followers across his other social media outlets, (pugs feature here too).

It’s worth noting that vloggers make their money from advertising on YouTube. And because of the popularity of his channel, he receives about 68 percent of all the advertising profits that show on his channel and videos.

According to the Guardian, stardom wasn’t planned for the vlogger, he said, “It’s pretty weird to get used to. I wouldn’t even say I’m used to it yet…”.

With the followers and growing popularity, came brand endorsements, a DVD and even a book.

Dan’s book, Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal, is a graphic novel which launched back in 2016. The book was considered a great success across the UK and the USA, and was named in the The New York Times Best Seller List 2016. The book remained a bestseller in the UK for several weeks after its release.

Filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo, his Live Show DVD is all about gaming and having fun on stage with various characters and audience members. Not bad, eh?

With this success, he was crowned the World’s Richest YouTuber of 2017 by Forbes Magazine. Which, is pretty darn impressive for a guy from humble beginnings.

Not too shabby to say Dan is only 26 years-old, and has more money than you could mine in Bitcoin!

A pretty inspiring story. The British vlogger that went from Pokémon videos, to Tesco and then social stardom. Hats off to you, Dan. We’re very jealous.

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