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The top alternatives to the Amazon Fire phone

Great alternative to the Amazon Fire phone

The Amazon Fire phone has now been unveiled, and is getting a surprisingly mixed reception online (because of its 720p screen, and the fact that you won’t be able to use apps bought on previous Android smartphones), so we take a look at three awesome alternatives to Amazon’s first smartphone.

There’s the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5, there’s the HTC One M8 with its magical camera, and there’s the LG G3 with the best smartphone screen in the known universe; all three of them are a more sensible purchase than the Amazon Fire.

Amazon Fire phone

The first own-brand Amazon smartphone has now been released, after months of speculation. It’s called the Amazon Fire, and the really interesting thing about it is how mixed the reception has been by commentators and commenters around the internet.

It’s always very telling to look at the general public’s reaction when a new phone is unveiled, and the Amazon Fire phone is no exception. The surprising part, though, is how many people seem to be dead set against the very idea of the phone.

Well… it’s not that surprising, necessarily, when you take a deeper look at the Amazon Fire. While the internal specs are broadly similar to other top-end smartphones, the screen is definitely not as good. There’s also the head-tracking 3D interface, and while that does actually sound quite cool, we can remember how a few people complained of iOS 7 giving them motion sickness with its similar parallax scrolling effect.

The biggest strike against the Amazon Fire phone, however, is the custom version of Android it uses, which lacks all the first-party Google apps like Gmail and Chrome, instead being locked into using only Amazon’s software. The worst part about that? You’ll have to use the Amazon Appstore to buy new apps, and to replace all the apps on your current Android phone because none of them will carry over.

That is really not brilliant, if we’re honest…

After all this time waiting, there’s a distinct possibility, alas, that the Amazon Fire might not be all it’s cracked up to be, so let’s take a look at the three alternatives, which might just be way better than Amazon’s new smartphone…

Samsung Galaxy S5


Bags of power, a water-resistant body, and a gorgeous 1080p AMOLED screen (plus a rather nice camera; we’re not sure we believe Amazon’s claims that the Fire’s camera is better); what’s not to love about the Samsung Galaxy S5? Samsung has always made the most popular Android phones on the market, and it’s looking like the Samsung Galaxy S5 is well on course to replicate its predecessors’ massive success.

In short, it’s a cracking phone, which is probably why so many people have bought one already!

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HTC One M8


While the HTC One M8 might not replicate the Amazon Fire’s moving 3D interface, it comes with its own unique gimmick, and it’s one of the most mind-bending features ever found in a smartphone.

Yes, we’re talking about the Duo Camera, the one that can tell how far away the photograph’s subject is, separate the foreground and background into layers, and then let you apply effect to one or the other independently, such as (and saying this is never getting old) changing the focus of the picture after it’s been taken.

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LG G3 2

Finally, we come to the phone which was announced most recently, the LG G3, and the simple fact is that it’s a complete stunner. There’s one area where it utterly destroys the Amazon Fire, too, and that area is the screen, although to be frank, the LG G3 destroys every other smartphone ever, when it comes to the screen.

The reason behind that is quite simply that the LG G3’s Quad-HD screen is four times the resolution of the Amazon Fire’s 720p screen! It may not have the same 3D interface, but we’ll take unprecedented sharpness and beauty over a 3D gimmick every.

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And there we have it. Three smartphones that, in their own individual ways, may well be a better purchase than the Amazon Fire. They have better screens (especially the LG G3), their interfaces won’t run the risk of giving you motion sickness, and you’ll get to keep on using the apps you’ve already spent your hard-earned money on. The choice seems clear…

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