Android 9 Pie is official: Here are 7 key features

Your Android smartphone is about to get easier to use.

There’s great news for Android users! There’s a brand-new operating system in town and it’s called Android Pie. Want to find out more about the latest and greatest features you can expect? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick rundown.

1) Clever Predictions

When you’re trying to do a million and one things on your phone, opening and closing apps can be a real pain. App Actions is an intuitive Android Pie feature which predicts what you’re about to do next.

When you do certain things on your Android, like connect your headphones, it knows to bring up the last playlist you were listening to, front and center on your screen. Or when you get to work, to present useful contacts, like a colleague.

2) The Best Bits of Your Apps

Want to quickly look at an app without fully launching it? One of the best features of Android 9 Pie is Slices.

The nifty little function means that you can see some parts of an app just by clicking it, without opening it. For example, you may be able to see the estimated car fares for Lyft without using the full app.

3) See What’s Eating Your Time

Does the day sometimes get away from you? Let’s face it – the modern-day smartphone can be a distraction from time to time.

If you’re not sure quite how you’re spending so much time on it, Android Pie could have the answer. On the main dashboard, you’ll be able to see which apps are taking up the majority of your time and what percentage of your phone use goes to them.

4) Cut Your App Binging Down

Want to spend less time on certain apps?

Let’s say you spend too much of your day flicking through Instagram (hey, no judgement!). Well, using the App Timers feature, you can set yourself limits for specific apps. When you start to reach your limit, the icon starts to go grey. That way, you can curb your addictions on step at a time.

5) Wind Down for Bed Time

Winding down and getting ready for bed can often be hard when your face is still glued to your phone screen. Luckily, Android Pie has a simple way to fix that.

The Wind Down feature means that you can set a daily schedule and choose when you want your phone screen to turn to greyscale. You can also use Do Not Disturb too.

6) Brightness When You Need It

Always changing the brightness on your phone? Not anymore. The Adaptive Brightness feature learns how you prefer your brightness to be set and adapts to that all the time. That means that you don’t need to worry about fiddling with it yourself.

7) Get Around with Ease

Switching from app to app is about to get a whole lot easier with Android Pie. The Intuitive Navigation feature should allow you to move around your phone using gestures rather than buttons. Watch this space!

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