14 easy hacks to improve your Android’s battery life

Because we can’t cope when our phones die!

From ordering dinner to finding out when the next train home is, we rely on our smartphones to guide us in pretty much every area of our existence. Since there is an app for everything these days, we all need to have our phones on us, at all times.

That’s all very well and good, but what if the worst should happen? What if…. *takes a deep breath*… your battery should run out before the end of the day?

As your Android phone gets older, the likelihood is that the battery life simply will not perform as well as it once did. Like most technology, it’s certain to get old and tired after a couple of years or so.

But wait, all is not lost! We’ve got some genius battery tips that will help stop your phone from running out of juice.

1. Show Your Apps Who’s Boss

When you click off an app, you might imagine that it shuts down and stops running altogether. Um… wrong! In reality, many apps will continue to run in the background of your phone unless you shut them down properly. Of course, that means that your battery is likely to drain a whole lot quicker than it usually would.


To find out which pesky little apps are draining your battery life, you can head to Settings > Battery Usage. There, you should see a list of apps (such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) which are continuously running. To improve your battery life, you need to force quit them. You can do so by going to Settings > Apps > Apps Manager > Tap on most android phones.

2. Let There Be [Less] Light

If you walk around with your smartphone brightness on full blast all the time, you’ve got two majorly annoying problems. For one thing, staring at the brightest of bright screens all day will mess with your vision. It’s just not necessary.


The second thing you should know is that the backlight will drain your battery faster than you can say, “Hey, my phone’s dead again!” One of the simplest and most effective battery tips you will ever learn is to turn the brightness down and keep it down.

3. Tidy Up Your Home Screen

Widgets or live wallpapers might make your phone look rather snazzy, but they will also use up a whole load of power without you realising it. To improve the battery, you need to tidy things up just a little bit.

That means deleting widgets that you genuinely don’t use at all. If they are of no use to you, there is no need to have them there just for show. What’s more, it’s time to get rid of ‘live wallpapers’ once and for all. Come on, those things are so 2016!

4. Set Your Phone to Snooze

In the rare moments that you’re not tap-tap-tapping away at the screen of your phone, you may find that it goes to sleep. The ‘screen timeout’ function can be set at anything from 15 seconds to five minutes after usage. That means that your phone could be losing power for five entire minutes after you’re done replying to a text.


It just doesn’t make sense! What does make sense is changing the mode so that you save your phone’s battery. Just go to the Display Settings on your smartphone and change the ‘sleep’ or ‘screen timeout’ settings so that it times out as quickly as possible.

5. Turn off Vibrate

Ever wondered how your Android phone vibrates? It doesn’t happen by magic. There’s a small vibration motor inside your device which powers up whenever your phone goes off.

Unsurprisingly, that can use up a whole load of battery power. If you’re hoping to keep your juice going for much longer, turn off vibrate altogether. Simple.

6. Turn off Your Phone Connectivity

Not using WiFi right now? Then why on earth is your connectivity still on? There’s no need for it to be. Both WiFi and Bluetooth search for networks all of the time when they’re switched on.

Unsurprisingly, that can end up draining a whole load of the phone’s battery. Taking the time to turn these things off might be a pain but once you get into the habit of doing it, it’s as easy as pie.

7. Get Rid of Pesky Notifications

The sorry truth of the matter is that more and more apps now have pesky notifications. It’s no longer just about social media, messages, and email. Every single app that you have wants to send you a whole load of push notifications 24/7.

Not only is this super annoying, but it also means that your battery doesn’t last quite as long as it should. Go to Settings > Notifications and then turn off the ones that you really don’t need.

Keep reading to see the next 7 top Android battery tips!

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