Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: which is the best smart speaker?

“OK Google, what’s the best smart home speaker?”

Not got on the smart speaker train, yet? Well, what on earth are you waiting for? Whether you just want a superb speaker system for your home or your very own virtual assistant, there’s so much that these devices can offer.

So, which is the best smart speaker for you? After all, we don’t want you going out their and making the wrong decision. Lets find out who wins: Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home.

Sound Quality

If you’re just looking for a speaker to be… well, a speaker, you’re going to want to know a thing or two about the sound quality first. Google Home is the least powerful of the three with a 2-inch driver. The Echo, on the other hand, has two separate speakers; a woofer and a tweeter. For a long time, it reigned supreme as having the best speaker system out there.

Amazon Echo

But, of course, the Apple HomePod has come to shake things up for everyone. Packed with its own woofer and seven beamforming tweeters, you can expect great things from its sound. Apple has done a great job pitching the HomePod as a music-playing device, so this is where it really does excel.

Apple HomePod

Bring the noise, Apple HomePod takes the points here.

Our score: Apple HomePod: 1 | Amazon Echo: 0 | Google Home: 0


Each of the speakers works with their own specific set of services. Of course, if you happen to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you should find that you can reap many rewards by using the Echo. The device pairs with your membership, meaning that you can listen to your Amazon Music Unlimited playlist all day long.

Google Home pairs with your Chromecast, making it super easy to use the device as an external speaker for your TV. Perfect for when you want to watch Netflix or, indeed, YouTube. Finally, both Google Home and the HomePod offer IFTTT support, which means that your smart devices can be paired and communicate with one another.

It’s a share of the points here. One a piece goes to Apple and Google.

Our score: Apple HomePod: 2 | Amazon Echo: 0 | Google Home: 1


When it comes to having a good, old chit-chat (or rather, asking your speaker some of life’s most pressing questions), like, “hey Google, where’s Wally”, there’s a clear winner. While the Amazon Echo finds it hard to answer some questions, Google Home always knows what to say.

One of the best things about this particular smart speaker is that it has access to Google, right off the bat. That means that, no matter what you happen to ask it, it can quickly search for the answer.

Right now, it’s unclear how the HomePod will do. We know that it uses Siri, which doesn’t bode all that well for it. However, who knows, it may surprise us and link with a great system to answer whatever crazy little question pops into our heads.

Hey Google, how many points do you have? Google Home takes the point here.

Our score: Apple HomePod: 2 | Amazon Echo: 0 | Google Home: 2

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