Apple’s going to remove the charging port next, here’s why

First the headphone jack, and now the charging port.

It was just last year when the powers at Apple announced they were getting rid of the headphone jack. For such a seemingly small change, it was an impressively big move; Apple being the first phone manufacturer to do it. Of course, the change was met with mixed reviews — some loved the thinner design while others mourned the headphone options of the past.

While most of us are still very much getting over the shock of that, there could be another change in store. If the rumours are to be believed, sooner or later, Apple will be getting rid of the charging port. Here’s what you need to know.

Things Can Only Get Thinner

Look at iPhone, generation by generation, and you’ll notice one common theme: the design is getting thinner and thinner. There’s no reason that this trend should stop anytime soon. (Indeed, one of the major reasons that the manufacturers got rid of the headphone jack was to create a slimmer design!)

iPhone 7 is for the most part a wireless device. It’s connectivity cannot be knocked; with just the touch of a button, you can link your phone to pretty much any device in your home (or car). It makes sense, then, that iPhone would drop all its ports in years to come. That appears to be the way things are headed just now.

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Magnetic Charging is the Next Trend

Sure, wireless charging hasn’t quite taken off in the way that many of us imagined it would. Rather than being the big thing in mobile phones right now, it seems to have been a fleeting fad that’s fast disappearing. So, how on earth will you charge your phone?

Well, magnetic charging could be the answer. It’s not as far-fetched as you may imagine. In fact, the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector already uses similar technology. The point would be that you place your phone on a magnetic strip and let the charging begin. So, while Apple may not take on the wireless charging trend like many already have, it may have a different idea right up its sleeve.

It’s All About Simplification

If you’re an out and out Apple fan, you’ll know one key thing about the products: they’re all about simplicity. Think about it. The whole Apple ethos rests on not overcomplicating technology and keeping things as easy to understand as possible.

If there’s one thing that less wires means, it’s simplicity. Once all those cables are a thing of the past, we will be left with what really matters; the phone itself. Right now, we don’t know when Apple will make the leap, but it’s a pretty safe bet that this is the way things are moving. Watch this space.

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