Apple’s hilarious new ad reveals why you need Face ID on iPhone X

Your face is your password.

If you thought the hype around iPhone X was dying down, you were wrong! In fact, the good people at Apple released a funny video to advertise the device. This advert is called ‘Memory’ and looks at – you guessed it – all that Face ID has to offer.

It opens on a theatre full of people as the camera quickly pans to the stage. There’s a long table in the middle; a host and contestant sitting at each end. The mood is tense.

“This morning you created an online banking password,” says the quizmaster as he leans in closer to the contestant, “What is it?” The audience members gasp at the thought of having to recall such information. The message is clear – none of us can remember the multitude of passcodes and words we’re forced to make on a daily basis.

“Oh okay – It’s mine so I’ll remember it…” stumbles the contestant. It’s quite clear that he doesn’t have a clue what the password is. As he tries to convince himself and, perhaps the audience, that he knows what he’s doing, the countdown begins. He has just 30 seconds.

People in the crowd start to heckle – “Need a hint?!” – laugh, and jeer. The time’s almost up. The clock is almost out of time. But then, in a moment of sheer genius, the contestant glances down at his iPhone X. His Face ID feature works and the password field is filled automatically. It turns out that he didn’t need to remember it after all.

As the man recovers from the pressure of the ‘memory test’ and a look of relief passes across his worried face, some cheerful congratulatory music plays in the background. Apple then deliver the punchline of the entire advert – ‘Your face is your password.’ We hear you, geniuses. Loud and clear.

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