Apple’s new Christmas film will put you in a festive mood

Apple wants you to ‘share your gifts’.

It’s finally December, which means that you’re officially allowed to put up that tree and start cranking your favourite Christmas tunes. It also means that the telly (and the internet) is about to be flooded with heart-wrenching festive adverts.

Yes, ‘tis the season to have a good old weep at a commercial while drinking hot chocolate and curling up under a cover.

Last year, Apple’s Christmas advert was all about the hardware – showing off the Airpods and how they could bring a couple together. It was pretty sweet. However, the tech company has upped their game once again and you’re not going to want to miss its 2018 offering. The short animated film with the simple message, ‘share your gifts.’ Intrigued? Of course, you are. Watch it here for yourself.

The enchanting Apple Christmas film opens on a snow-covered scene and looms in toward a top-floor apartment. Inside, there’s a woman working hard on her Macbook on some secretive project. When she’s done, she prints off her mysterious work, looks at it, and then locks it tightly away in a box. The message is clear. Right now, she is not ready to share her gifts with the rest of the world.

Throughout the Apple Christmas film, we see the main character’s flair for creativity take on many different forms. In her job at a bakery, she carefully crafts a dog out of dough, before squishing it the moment someone else walks by. Later, on the bus, she draws a picture on the window pane and then wipes it away, embarrassed that someone will see.

Of course, I won’t ruin the ending but, rest assured, there’s a pretty magical way that the main character manages to share her work with the world. By the end of the Apple Christmas film, you’re certain to have a smile on your face and maybe a tear in your eye as well. The brand has managed to tap into a wholesome idea; one that we all have something to offer that we could be holding out on.

Aside from the adorable story, there’s also a soft and alluring soundtrack to keep you entertained. If you’re wondering what the song from the Apple Christmas ad is, wonder no more. It’s called ‘Come Out and Play’ by 16-year-old Californian singer, Billie Eilish. It might be worth checking her out on Spotify or Apple Music right now as she’s touring with Florence and the Machine in the new year too.

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