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AR Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S9 explained and how to use it

You can finally turn yourself into an emoji!

There’s an extremely exciting new feature on Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Yes, these phones are the first to boast Samsung’s AR Emoji feature.

Not sure what it is, or how to use it? You’ve come to the right place to find out everything you need to know about AR Emoji.

What is AR Emoji?

This new feature allows you to turn a simple selfie into a personalised emoji that looks just like you.

Using the front-facing camera, you can create a moving CGI version of yourself that you can then send to your friends, family, and just about anyone out there as a sticker.

As though that weren’t enough, you can also add little extras – like wacky lips or cartoon eyes – to your emoji once you’ve created it. Neat.

How do I use AR Emoji?

If the thought of creating a virtual version of yourself is intriguing, you may be wondering how to try it for yourself. Well, should you have one of the latest Samsung phones, here’s what you need to do next.

1) Find the Feature

Open the front-facing camera as though you were just about to take a selfie. See AR Emjoi at the top of the screen (You may need to slide across to get to it!). Once you’ve tapped AR Emoji, your Galaxy S9 will ask for access to your pictures and camera; tap Allow.

2) Take a Selfie

You’ll need to take a selfie to get started. You should see a clear circle on the screen. You need to line your face up in the circle to get the best possible effect. Take as many selfies as you like to achieve the perfect one.

3) Customise Your emoji

Once you’ve taken your golden selfie, the AR Emoji feature will ask you to confirm your gender. Then, it’ll create a rough draft of your emoji, which you can then customise. You can change a whole range of things from the skin tone to the hairstyle of your emoji.

4) Save Your emoji

Finally, once you’re finished customising your emoji, save it off. You’ll then get a pop-up telling you that your emoji will be available as a sticker on your keyboard. Press OK to accept.

5) Share Your emoji

Now that you’ve created your emoji, it’s time to have a little fun. You should find that the image is saved as a sticker in your keyboard. Now you can spice up your messages by peppering them with a completely personal emoji. Try it for yourself!

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