Are Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds the best wireless earphones around?

The future of wireless earphones is here. And they could be free…

This week, as part of the Samsung Unpacked event, a brand-new pair of wireless earphones were launched. Yes, it’s time to say a massive hello to the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

With an ultra-light, ultra-cool design, these could be the wireless earphones we’ve been waiting for. Wondering if they’re worth your pennies? Here’s what the Galaxy Buds reviews say and what you need to know.

Design: Sleek and Sturdy

First up, let’s talk about how the Galaxy Buds look. Needless to say, they are 100% wireless – there isn’t even a wire that connects the two buds together.

The design is pretty darn minimal too. They’re small (30% smaller than the previous IconX models!), spherical and boast a slim earpiece. Basically, they’re not at all fussy, and look, quite frankly, rather beautiful.

Oh, and if you’re worried about the Galaxy Buds falling out of your ears, fear not. They have sturdy rubber buds which keep them securely in place. Phew.

Available in white, yellow, or black, the earphones also come with a simplistic, pod-style charging case.

Nobody wants their buds to fall out mid-workout.

Features: Truly Wireless

Of course, one of the most exciting Samsung Galaxy Buds feature is wireless charging. When you want to juice these babies up, you simply put them in their case and pop them on either a Qi compatible wireless charging pad or the back of your S10 device.

You can also use Samsung’s AI, Bixby, through the earphones, which is a neat trick. For example, if you need to skip a track quickly or call someone, you may be able to use voice commands to do so. That means you don’t have to spend time fishing around in your bag or pocket to get your phone. Bliss!

If you don’t quite fancy talking to your Galaxy Buds, there’s also the handy new touch feature. Yes, you can either tap or double-tap the earphone to do certain things. Again, this feature is sure to come into its own when you’re out and about.

Audio: Perfect for Music & Calls

Now, let’s talk about the main event – the audio. How do the buds sound and should you buy them? The early Galaxy Buds reviews suggest that there’s no cause for concern here. With a decent amount of base and super crisp treble, you should find that these earphones are perfect for both listening to the latest tracks or taking a quick call.

As though that wasn’t enough, the Galaxy Buds also sport a cool ‘ambient sound’ feature. So, if you’re walking down a busy street with cars flashing past and people chattering, you can drown out the noise in seconds. However, the buds don’t block out sounds completely (that would be dangerous!). They let just enough external noise in to help you stay alert.

Want Some Galaxy Buds for Free?

Wireless earphones are no longer science fiction. What’s more, Samsung is leading the way when it comes to making super-light and chic buds. Plus, when you add in features such as the wireless charging, ambient sound and Bixby, it’s plain to see the value of these gadgets. If you’re looking for some new earphones, you might have found them.

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