Battle of the Platforms

Three platforms, three superphones… You decide which one is right for you!

In the world of smartphones, there are three main platforms, three dominant operating systems, that grab the lion’s share of the headlines. Those platforms are Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and the constant battle between them has been very good for consumers, as it has led to some truly incredible phones being produced. But which are the best smartphones on each platform?

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Arguably the greatest Android phone ever made

From humble beginnings, Android has gone on to dominate the smartphone space, with 1.3 million Android phones being activated per day, at the time of writing. Recently, that has largely been due to the release one particular phone, the most popular phone in Android history; the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Part of that popularity is due to the phone’s heritage; it is a follow-up to the already popular Samsung Galaxy S II. However, a phone cannot live on its heritage alone, and the other part of the equation is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful and incredible phones ever made. It comes with a quad-core Exynos processor to give it masses of power, and an enormous 4.8 inch screen, which is both beautiful to look at and use. With incredible power and gorgeous looks, as well as the power of Android behind it, it’s hardly surprising that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been wildly popular.

iPhone 5 – the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

Apple lit a rocket under the smartphone industry in 2007, when they released the first iPhone. It had a huge effect on the market, and made every other manufacturer sit up and take notice, with many reckoning that the release of the iPhone was the main thing that led to today’s incredible smartphone landscape.

The newest version, the iPhone 5, is as far beyond the original iPhone as the original iPhone was beyond smartphones from that time. It takes everything that people love about the iPhone range, and places it inside a new, thinner, even sexier widescreen body, increasing the screen size to 4 inches. As Apple themselves say, the iPhone 5 is the lightest, thinnest, fastest iPhone ever, and combined with the huge number of apps in the App Store, it makes the iPhone 5 the phone to buy, if you’re wanting to make the jump to iOS.

HTC 8X – the first of a new breed

The newest of the three big platforms is Windows Phone, and it takes an entirely different approach to its rivals; it has that distinctive, iconic Live Tile start screen dominating the front of every Windows phone, and making your front screen personal to you.

The HTC 8X is the first of a new breed, the phone that will take Windows Phone into the next phase of its evolution, with the advent of Windows Phone 8. Even if it didn’t have that new version of Windows, though, the HTC 8X would still be an amazing phone in its own right; its luxurious polycarbonate body is one of the most gorgeous on the market, its camera is great, and the front-facing camera now comes with a wide angle lens, to let you take even better self portraits of you and your friends.

So there we have it; three amazing platforms, three very different, but equally awesome, superphones!

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