Best 10 mobile phones and tablets for kids – 2018

Keep the kids entertained this summer with these easy to use smartphones, iPads and Android tablets.

It’s that time of year again, school’s out and the kids are going to run out of things to do by the end of week 2 of the summer break. Have no fear, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a recommended list of the best mobile phones, iPad and Android tablets to buy for your kids this summer.

Our best 10 list is based around the following features:

  • Affordability (wont break the bank)
  • Endurance (we can’t claim kid proof, but close enough)
  • Ease of use (grandma could understand it)

Along with recommending the best products, we’ll also show you our best mobile phone contract deals. They also come with other bonuses for parents too (although you might need your kids help in understanding it), tethering and data gifting.

Tethering is available on EE contracts (if your phone is compatible – most are) and pretty easy to set up for your iPhone or Android mobile.

Data Gifting on EE is a new way of sharing around extra data in your family if someone is running low. Everything can be controlled through your My EE App, including parental controls.

OK, mums, dads, carers, guardians, it’s time to get into the list.

10) Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) remains a fan favourite Android device. This easy-to-use and no-nonsense handset is packed with tech and is as stylish as they come.

A sizeable 5-inch HD screen is perfect for web browsing and watching videos on YouTube. Not to mention the ideal size for playing your kids’ favourite mobile games. Held on its side, Galaxy J3 (2017) fits snug into both hands, for long period of time. It also comes with a headphone jack, meaning you won’t have to listen to Minecraft tutorials fifteen times over).

There’s less worry when it comes to bumps and knocks too. A metal design and robust screen means it’s up to the task of daily and constant use. It also has a sizeable 2400 mAh battery for ample gaming time.

Best Deal: EE Contract from £13.25 per month after cashback.

SIM Free Price (Black): £179.00

9) Huawei T3 10

This great looking tablet from Huawei is not only great value, its large screen and various parental controls make it ideal for all the family. The smart app access feature gives you, as the parent, full control over your kids’ use.

You’ll be able to watch videos, sit on YouTube, or play some serious Candy Crush with your kids’ for hours, thanks to its durable 12-hour battery life. Reduce eye strain from extended use with eye protection mode, better protecting everyone’s eyes.

You’ll be familiar with the operating system of Huawei T3 10 too. With Android, everyone, even grandma, stands a chance of understanding it.

This Huawei tablet is also available in an 8-inch variant, with the same great value and battery life. Check it out right here.

Best Deal: EE Contract from £20.00 per month.

8) Samsung Galaxy J6

Fresh for 2018, Samsung Galaxy J6 has all the new Samsung software and innovations, at a fraction of the price.

Powered by Android, the Galaxy J6 is really simple to use. On its bright 5.6-inch HD+ Infinity Display, you can easily watch videos or play games. Complete with a headphone jack, it’ll keep the kids quiet in the back while you focus on driving to your summer getaway.

With a long-life 3000 mAh battery, the kids will get hours of use and entertainment. Whether on the go or sat at grandma’s, Galaxy J6 pretty much has it all. In terms of affordability vs. features, you’ll struggle to find a better value handset.

Best Deal: EE Contract from £18.00 per month and 1GB Data.

SIM Free Price: £219.00

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