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The 10 best mobile phones you can buy – winter 2018

8) iPhone X

The iPhone that redefined the iPhone.

To say that iPhone X made a big impression on people would be an understatement. When this model was launched, it was a sign that things were about to change. Yes, you could say that this is the most mature iPhone Apple has ever released.

Complete with an almost bezeless, minimal design (sayonara, home button!) and a whole load of techy features, it’s clear to see why people love this phone. Everything about the device looks and feels premium. It’s the future – in the form of a smartphone.

Not only does iPhone X look like a serious player but it also has Face ID, a True Depth camera featuring portrait mode, Animoji, and the A11 bionic chipset. Nice.

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7) Samsung Galaxy S8

A sleek design that’s stood the test of time.

You might be wondering what the S8 is doing on this list. Well, the truth is, this 2017 model is still topping our charts. When it launched, the new design of the phone was pretty radical, along with the 3D glass display.

Boasting a larger screen than the iPhone 7 Plus, but on a smaller body, the flawless looking phone has a minimal look with a whole load of style. It was ahead of the game then and it’s still leading the way now.

All in all, it’s a fantastic smartphone at a decent price point. The fingerprint scanner sits on the back of the device. There’s also a facial recognition feature that uses an iris scanner to unlock the device too. Plus, it’s packing Samsung’s unmistakable interface as well as a 10nm processor and IP68 rating, which makes it a fairly powerful beast.

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