CES 2019 highlights: The most exciting new tech from the show

The future of technology is here!

This month, one of the biggest events in tech took place over in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is a chance for the leading global brands to showcase their upcoming additions to the market.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been following the show closely; here are some of the highlights you might have missed!

Mobile News and Announcements

What does this year hold for the world of mobile phones? The mind truly boggles.

Luckily, CES 2019 offered a few teasers as to what might be in store for us. Let’s take a look at the major hints and takeaways from the event.

Samsung 5G Connectivity

Sadly, there wasn’t any news on the new mobile phone from Samsung that we’re all waiting for…

However, there was one thing that the tech giant was shouting about: 5G.

Samsung wants the world to know that it will be prioritising this new generation of mobile internet when it comes to upcoming mobile phones. That means that we might see a 5G smartphone from the brand coming our way soon enough.

The Royole FlexPai

We already know that foldable mobiles and tablets could be the future. As part of the CES 2019 show, tech company Royole wanted to show off its latest invention.

The FlexPai is a phablet is every sense of the word. It starts as a 7.8-inch table and can be bent in half to make a double-sided mobile. What’s more, the device is top end, running the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. It’s also ready to support 5G. Suave.

LG Announced a New Phone. Sort of.

There could be exciting things in the pipeline for LG this year. The company used the CES 2019 platform to announce that it will be releasing the first 5G-compatible smartphone sometime this year.

We don’t have too many details about the device so far. However, we do know that the company has partnered with Qualcomm to release Snapdragon 855, which is the first processor to support 5G capabilities.

New Smart Home Technology

It may not be long before we all have fully immersive smart homes – CES 2019 offered us a glimpse into the home technology of the future. While there’s a whole load to look forward to, here are some of the highlights from the show itself.

Netatmo Smart Doorbell

One of the most exciting CES 2019 announcements came when Netatmo unveiled its smart doorbell. The device records guests as they approach your home, meaning that you can see who is at the door.

Packing 32GB of free recording and 160-degree view, the nifty little addition to the brand’s HomeKit is definitely one to watch in the future.

LG Smart Styler

Fancy a professional launderette style gadget in your home? LG might have the answer.

The Smart Styler connects to your washer and dryer and makes sure that your laundry is done to pure perfection. It also claims that it can remove wrinkles easily, which means that you can get a perfectly pressed outfit in no time at all.

Bixby Updates from Samsung

Bixby could be getting a new home soon enough. During the CES 2019 event, Samsung announced that it has huge plans for the virtual assistant in the near future.

The company wants to bring it to smart TVs, more smartphones, and home appliances too. The AI feature could tie together a load of smart technology with one central hub.

Kohler Smart Toilet

Just when you thought homes couldn’t get any smarter, Kohler has announced a smart toilet. Yes, you read that correctly.

This is actually the second incarnation of the gadget – the Numi Smart Toilet 2.0. The device has ambient lighting, a heated seat (yes!), and built-in speakers too. Interesting stuff.

Wearable Technology

Finally, let’s take a look at what the CES 2019 show had in the way of emerging wearable technology. Spoiler: It’s not all about watches anymore!

From fitness belts to an ingenious gadget to help you stop snoring, here are some of the most hotly awaited devices of the year.

The Welt Belt

When you think of wearables, your mind likely flicks to smartwatches. However, there’s a new style of gadget on the block – the wearable belt from Welt.

In case you didn’t know, Welt is a spin-off of the Samsung Electronics company, which usually makes watches. The brand-new wearable measures your waistline, how much you eat, and how active you are. It could be something of a game-changer in the realms of weight loss tech.

Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band

Snoring is one of the most awkward of sleep habits and, should it affect you, you’ll want to do all you can to curb it.

The SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band could be just the thing! Phillips announced the wearable tech as part of CES 2019 and showed off its capabilities.

You fit the gadget to your chest and the device supposedly encourages you to sleep in the positions which are least likely to unleash your snoring on the world.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

If you’re looking for a diverse fitness wearable, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music could be it.

The company announced that they will be packing the device with LTE connectivity, which has two major benefits.

First of all, you can download music to the watch and listen to it as you run. Plus, you can share your location with your friends for extra security. Win-win.

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