Countdown to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming and we’re already getting excited about seeing this fantastic new handset!

Offering a slimmer form factor than its ground-breaking older brother, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy S4 really is an engineering marvel which houses more power, a bigger display, larger battery and a vastly improved camera over its sibling.

The display of the Galaxy S4 is an absolute dream to behold. At a full 1080p resolution, with 441 pixels per inch, the 5 inch screen of the Galaxy S4 is a real beauty, displaying pictures in crisp, clear detail and offering fantastic viewing from all angles.

Powering the latest Galaxy is a monstrous 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, complete with 2GB of RAM, and fuelling the chipset is a user-removable 2600mAh battery with excellent endurance. The Galaxy S4 also houses 16GB of internal storage, as well as the ability to expand that via a built-in microSD card reader.

Samsung has upped the camera on the Galaxy S4, this time with the inclusion of a huge 13 megapixel unit which produces excellent image capture and 1080p video recording. This is one of the most capable cameras found on a smartphone as Samsung has included a truckload of imaging features, including dual-recording, a feature which uses both the rear and the front-facing cameras simultaneously resulting in a very unique and personal video. Other standout functions include 360 photo, the Galaxy S4’s version of Google’s Photosphere (a feature with the ability to take spherical pictures, similar to those found on Google Street View), and Panorama mode which impressively allows you to create panoramic shots of 360 degrees of up to 60 megapixels, resulting in some stunning imagery.

Some of the newest standout features of the Galaxy S4 do not just revolve around the evolution of the technology but the way that the user interacts with the smartphone. Samsung has included some fantastic software elements to the already well-polished Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Touchwiz, Samsung’s own user interface, sits on top of the operating system and brings it own brand of magic to the platform. One of the newest functions of Touchwiz is the inclusion of Air Gestures, this being the ability to control the Galaxy S4 without even touching the screen. More new additions include the introduction of Smart Scroll, a feature which lets you scroll through web pages simply by moving your eyes, and Smart Pause which allows the pausing of videos when you look away from the screen.

Being a flagship of epic proportions the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with some of the latest innovations, such as an Infra Red Blaster, recently seen on the HTC One, which allows for remote control functionality from the device, and a 4G LTE antenna is onboard for superfast 4G connectivity on networks like EE.

The Galaxy S4 is shaping up to becoming one of the best handsets to date and, with advanced technology and software innovation, we may be looking at the handset of 2013. 

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