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Don’t like cats? Then don’t watch Apple’s new iPhone Xs ad

‘Everything you love just got bigger.’

There are two kinds of people in the world. You’ve got your normal people; the ones who unashamedly love everything feline and are darn proud of it.

Then there are the oddballs who claim not to like kitties and say things like “Cats are so selfish” while pulling self-righteous faces and sipping their chai lattes.

If you fall into the latter category, we can’t be friends, obviously. Plus, you probably shouldn’t bother watching Apple’s new advert.

If, on the other hand, you have a beating heart, you are sure to love the iPhone Xs commercial entitled ‘Growth Spurt.’ It features a cat in a big way.

Bonus: Research published in the Computers in Human Behaviour Journal suggests that watching cat videos can actually improve your mood and lower your stress levels. So, taking a short break to give this particular clip a whirl is a win-win situation.

iPhone Xs – Growth Spurt

The advert starts out with the cutest ginger cat meowing while a woman sits on the couch. She’s holding an iPhone Xs and turns to her pet to do what any of us would do in that situation – take a picture of it. As she does so, though, the cat has a major growth spurt.

She does the same thing with her avocado on toast (because, of course!) and it also grows to a massive size in mere seconds. This is only the start of the commercial and the clip continues in the same vein. Check it out here:

Throughout the advert, we see a whole range of animals and objects get transformed from their regular size to that of a giant. From a dog to a golf ball, it seems that there’s no end to the things that can begin to grow and grow.

Of course, Apple isn’t saying that your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max will actually have these magical powers. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s not what the advert means, unless I have grossly misunderstood it. Instead, it’s a little hat tip to the two phones’ new retina displays which are the biggest yet. Very clever, Apple. Very clever.

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