easyJet flights to finally offer free movies and TV shows

Don’t get annoyed by the kid on the seat in front again, thanks to this new inflight streaming service from easyJet.

easyJet, one of the UK’s favourite airlines, has recently propelled Air Time, a new inflight streaming service into the airways.

The streaming service will let you watch all your favourite TV shows and films, while also catching up on that latest audio book. You can also check out inflight info, brush up on local knowledge of your destination, with the destination guides feature, as well as indulging in some addictive games, (where did that flight go?). Most important of all, it’s absolutely free.

Do this all from the comfort of your own seat, without having to peer around someone’s head to get a good view of the drop-down screen. Air Time works on your own device, from smartphones to tablets.

To bring this rather tasty offering to the chair tray, the airline has partnered with Immfly, an entertainment platform developer, and Rakuten, that provide all the awesome film and TV content. Which, combined, gives us customers easy, simple access to content, beamed straight to our devices.

Available through a wireless network on board, you simply bring your own device, connect to the service via your tablet or smartphone, and you’re away. Great for entertaining the kids; the hours will surely fly-by.

For our European cousins, the service will be made available in multiple languages too. Perfect for travelling around Europe for business or pleasure.

The aptly named, ‘Air Time’, will be initially available on five easyJet aircraft from autumn 2017, with plans to roll the service out to the entire fleet if deemed successful. Hopefully, customers will get on board with it.

“Air Time will allow us for the first time to offer customers inflight entertainment in a way that replicates how they consume their media at home,” commented Andrew Middleton, easyJet’s Ancillary Revenue Director.

So, for most of us heading to airports in 2018, we could well be enjoying this kind of service with other airline providers (here’s hoping), if this takes off. We love it, and can’t wait to try it out.

In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a brand-new smartphone or tablet to take away on your next trip, right here.

You can check out the full story from easyJet here.

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