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Essential Apps For A Perfect Friday Night In

We’re coming up to the weekend, so it’s time to make that choice that most of us make on a Friday night: do we rave or stay in and behave? If you’re going to go for the latter, then sit back, relax and check out our favourite apps for a perfect Friday night in…

Download the free JUST EAT app for iPhone, iPad, Android

Just Eat

For the perfect Friday night in, the first thing you’ll need is food, and since it’s Friday night, that means takeaway (because while it’s theoretically possible to cook something or go to the chippy yourself, in the real world, there ain’t no-one got time for that)!

And that’s where the JustEat app comes in. Install it on your device, input your postcode to find your nearest takeaways, and even order online through the app to have it delivered right to your door, so that nothing interrupts you’re perfect evening (although you can collect the food yourself if you really want to).

You could even go wild and order from multiple places, thus bringing your dream of eating a pizza covered in lamb jalfrezi to life!


NOW TV Entertainment Pass


Once you’ve got the food sorted, the next step is entertainment, and you have a wealth of options open to you. The one we’re going to look at, however, is NowTV, as it offers perhaps the best all-round TV on demand and entertainment service (which is unsurprising, as the service is operated by Sky).

Naturally, you’ll need to buy a monthly (or daily/weekly, in the case of the sports channels) pass, but with very reasonable prices, the Now TV bundles gives you access to a huge range of films and TV shows, perfect for your Friday night viewing.

Pi Fight

But what if you prefer something more interactive? What if you fancy a wee bit of gaming after your blockbuster movie?

Two-player games (as in those that let you play with someone physically there, in the same room) aren’t as common as you might think, but one game in particular stands out as being truly fantastic fun. That game is Pi Fight, created by famous YouTuber Nerdcubed and his team, and it’s pure, unadulterated fun.

Picture a screen with a big dot in the middle, with each player joining the fray as a little dot that moves continuously around the big dot. You control the direction of the dot (clockwise or anticlockwise), and the goal is to tag your opponent’s dot.

That sounds simple, but the rounds are on a timer, each round makes the dots move faster, and the lightning changes from hunter to hunted will always catch you out when you’re paying attention to what your opponent’s doing.

It’s fast, furious fun, and we absolutely love it!

And there we have it; our list of the top 3 essential apps for a perfect Friday night in!


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