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Europe and Korea already working on 5G

4G data is an incredible thing to experience, giving you lightning fast internet access that can rival (and sometimes surpass) home broadband connections. However, just as 3G was not the end of technological innovation, neither is 4G, oh no! We’re now looking to the future of 5G connectivity!

According to a Europa press release, the European Union is now working closely in conjunction with officials in South Korea, to develop the next mobile data standard.

In other words, while 4G is enhancing the experience of using current superphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the upcoming LG G3, Europe and Korea have begun work on 5G!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we will be seeing 5G phones any time soon; this is merely an agreement between the two territories involved, to work together on things like deciding how the 5G standard will work, what technological innovations will be needed to make it happen, and so on. In fact, we won’t even see research proposals before 2016, but it’s nice to see Europe being in a key position for developing 5G standards, especially after the EU lagged behind Asia and the USA in its implementation of 4G.

But what might 5G data be like? What new features will it sneak into successors to the Sony Xperia Z2 or the HTC One M8?

To go through exactly what 5G can do for you would take a long time, so suffice to say that as well being even faster than 4G (a fact that, itself, boggles the mind), but it will bring in new functionalities such as, potentially, much more bandwidth for the vastly increased number of smartphones and tablets (and things like “connected homes”) which will be using the service come 2020.

And so, while this news story affects absolutely no-one, right now, it’s going to end up affecting everyone in the fullness of time. We can’t wait to see what new technological innovations this agreement leads to!

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