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Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Bigger, better, and smarter than ever!

Ready for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Today DJ Koh, the Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, took to the stage in New York to make some impressive announcements about the next Note phone as part of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018.

“I love the note because it forces us to break through barriers,” exclaimed Koh, with his hand pressed to his heart before making the exciting announcement. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of what he’s calling “the world’s most advanced smartphone.”

Bigger End-to-End Screen

First things first, let’s talk about the design and, of course, that whopping screen size. The Note series has come a long way since it first started, but some things remain the same.

One major design point that set this phone apart from the crowd was its massive screen size.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the company is literally expanding on what we’ve seen before. The 6.4-inch end-to-end display is the largest we’ve seen from the series before now.

The innovative screen has made such an impact that YouTube has named the Note 9 as a ‘Signature Device,’ i.e. one of the best on which to watch videos.

Other than that, the design has a clean and modern look. The fingerprint scanner is below the camera as we’ve seen on other Samsung phones and the device looks streamlined and thin.

It will be available in three colours including Midnight Black, Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue, with a bright yellow S Pen. Impressive stuff.

‘All Day’ Battery and Extra Storage

There’s nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of the day. The people at Samsung know that, which is why the Note 9 will have the biggest battery on a Note series phone so far. The 4000 mAh will supposedly be an ‘all day’ battery. Watch this space.

The latest Note phone will also be brimming with storage. The largest available version of the device will have a whopping 512GB storage. But that’s not all – it will also be expandable. With a microSD card, you can double the storage in an instant.

Tailored for Gaming

All the above should please one set of Samsung users. Yes, gamers ought to be thrilled at the huge battery life and storage. The Note 9 will also have an advanced cooling system and AKG stereo speakers, which should make for the ultimate gaming experience. Plus, as a bonus, Galaxy users will be the first to try the Android version of the popular Fortnite, thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Epic Games.

Intelligent Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera sounds fairly similar to previous offerings. There’s the Super Slo-Mo feature and the fact that it can adapt to light and dark environments.

One of the most exciting new features, though, is the flaw detection system. If something isn’t quite right in a photo, the device will give you a notification before you take it. For example, if there’s a smudge on the lens or your friend has their eyes closed, you’ll know about it ahead of time. Phew.

There’s also a little treat in store for selfie lovers (i.e. everyone with an Instagram account). The latest Note allows you to take pictures remotely using your S Pen. That means that you can set up your phone, get into the frame, and snap away hands-free.

Smarter S Pen

Talking of the S Pen, the Samsung team has now dubbed this the ‘Ultimate Remote Control.’ The pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 9 will be so much more than a mere stylus. The small device will allow you to control a whole range of different features on your phone, from pausing YouTube videos to changing your music and taking photos.

Of course, to do all of that, the S Pen will need more power than ever. Luckily, charging it up couldn’t be easier. You simply put the S Pen back into your Note device and watch it power-up. Oh, and when it’s out of juice, you can still use it as an ordinary stylus. Nice.

Better Bixby

Finally, let’s take a moment to talk about Samsung’s AI. Bixby has got smarter with this round of smartphones and it could be leading the way for other virtual assistants.

Samsung say that it will now be ‘more conversational.’ That means that it will remember what you’ve said in previous searches and use that information to your advantage. That should make getting what you need quicker, easier, and a tad less frustrating.

Samsung has also teamed up with a range of partners, including Google and Uber, to offer a completely streamlined service. You can ask Bixby to order you a car without having to open your Uber app at all, for example. All in all, it should be a better, smarter experience.

Pre-Order and Release Date

If all the above sounds too good to be true, you may be wondering when you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Well you can pre-order it right now at Buymobiles.net, with the device shipping from 24th August.

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