Find out what your phone background says about you

Are you a pet or selfie kinda person?

We all have one, our phone backgrounds are often in tandem with our lives and tend to feature the things that mean most to us.

But, what does it mean if you go for a certain type of photo or theme? Here’s a little insight into what they might say about you.

Disclaimer: We can’t be held responsible for an arguments that may occur between couples after you read this article.

Classic Pet Pic

A constant reminder of your furry or not so furry (let’s not be fur-ist) companion, a nice thing to have as your phone background.

This will usually be a super-cute or hilarious pose of your pet to remind you of just how awesome they are!

Of course, this means that you love your pet dearly, and tend to be a general animal lover! No harm in that.

Shameless Selfie

Some might say that this is the digital variation of self-indulgence and vanity. We’re not sure what the other half might say…

Even so, if you’re a fan of glancing in your front camera to see how the hair is looking, your most likely going to have a selfie somewhere on one of your lock screens.

Cringy Couple

While this is slightly cute and can be a little cringe to your friends, this wallpaper actually could mean a few good things.

Supposedly this could say that you’re truly settled with your chosen partner and want to show them off! There’s also a question of whether both parties in the couple adopt the ‘couple photo’? We’ll just leave that one there and let you argue that one out.

The Full Squad

OK, we get it, you went on a Skiing holiday in 2017. These types will usually have a photo from that time in Magaluf, or that blinding Stag/Hen weekend as their phone background.

It’s lovely that you have lots of friends, but please don’t give everyone the full story every time you unlock your mobile. Thanks.

Meet Mr/Mrs Default Background

Generally, it’s considered that these types of people simply haven’t got around to changing it, i.e. you aren’t bothered and are pretty busy doing other things.

Or, that you’re simply not very in touch with tech and not 100% how to do it (don’t be embarrassed, ask for help guys). If this is you, don’t struggle in silence, just ask the internet, or your 5-year old, they’re pretty clued up nowadays.

You’ve Gone Dumb

Dumb phone (or feature phone) – lacks the capabilities of a modern smartphone, and just tends to be used for calls and messages (maybe Snake).

No surprises that if you’re rocking a Nokia 3310, you’re probably not going to have the luxury of a background (although the one below is pretty satisfying).

But this means something else, you’ve adapted/opted to distance yourself from the everyday dramas of social media and focus your life and time on other things. Good for you.

Holiday Snap

This has to be that photo you’re super proud of from your last trip or holiday, and of course, want to show everybody at the slightest opportunity. We get it, you’re pretty talented with your phone camera. Kudos to you.

These people will tend to be quite focused on trips, holidays and experiences, and wants to show the world! You may also find these people chasing the Instagram Likes. This is fine, really, but why not try and rein it in a little bit.

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