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Five reasons why it’s time to join EE

EE has always rewarded its customers with a legion of incredible and exclusive benefits. However its latest perks are more irresistible than ever, meaning there really hasn’t ever been a better time to join ‘the UK’s biggest 4G network’.


EE, the brand birthed from a formidable partnership between T-Mobile and Orange, has risen rapidly from an ambitious collaborative venture, to what is now widely acknowledged as the UK’s most expansive network.

In what seems like a remarkably short stretch of time, EE has managed to deliver blazing-fast 4G data to millions of mobiles across the UK, and, likewise, Kevin Bacon to millions more TVs.

But aside from fixing your ‘bufferface’, EE has made a staunch commitment to bring you a service that goes above and beyond the minutes, texts and data that you expect, promising an experience that’s feels like the VIP treatment you’ve always wanted.

Here are our top five reasons for switching to EE…

1) Enjoy integrated calls over WiFi

EE WiFi Calling

No doubt, even on EE’s far-reaching network, you’ve experienced dropped phone calls due to patchy signal. Particularly if you live in one of the UK’s pesky black spots.

Now, thanks to EE’s WiFi Calling, anyone who’s bought an iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus, and a selection of Android and Windows devices, can use their home WiFi to make and receive calls and text normally. What you use comes straight out of your monthly allowance, so you won’t notice a difference.

Unlike other apps and services that let you host calls over the web, EE’s WiFi Calling is completely integrated into your phone’s dialler. Meaning you’ll likely forget all about it, once it’s set up.

Learn how to activate WiFi Calling on your mobile here.

2) Rent movies on the cheap

EE Film Club

Created for movie junkies who love a bargain, EE recently launched EE Film Club to everyone on its network – including those on Orange and T-Mobile.

EE Film Club operates in cooperation with Wuaki.tv, allowing you to stream a movie of your choice, each week, at a discounted fee of £1. The selection available lists many of the latest DVD releases, as well a swarm of classics that you’ll no doubt want to revisit once you stumble upon them.

To rent a movie at the privileged rate, you first need to text FILM to 141. EE will then reply with a unique promo code, which you can redeem via Wuaki.tv’s website between Monday and Wednesday. Texts cost 35p.

3) Get discounted tickets for gigs

EE Tickets

If you get your kicks from live events, then you’ll be all over EE Tickets like a cheap suit.

It’s an online service that’s totally exclusive to EE, Orange and T-Mobile customers, offering access to heaps of amazing and varied live events, that suit anyone who likes to frequent theatres, comedy shows, music gigs, night clubs, exhibitions or museums.

Of course, the prices you see through EE Tickets are discounted, and aren’t open to the general public. You can browse what EE currently has on offer here.

4) Beat the queue to Wembley

EE WembleyIf you’ve been lucky enough to get yourself down to Wembley recently, you will’ve no doubt noticed EE’s colourful presence. That’s because EE’s working hard to convert Wembley into the world’s most connected stadium.

As part of this mission, EE gives its customers (on EE, Orange and T-Mobile) the opportunity to purchase tickets to England football games, before they go on sale to everyone else. So you can feel confident knowing that you’re not going to miss out.

Thanks to the amplified 3G and 4G signal in the vicinity, you’ll be able to upload and share your pictures much faster!

5) Text, call and surf with more confidence

EE Data Test

EE is leading the charge on 4G coverage, with over 80% of the UK falling beneath its ever-expanding network. This translates to 510 UK towns and cities, the residents of which are all able to enjoy super-fast internet speeds – so long as they’re with EE.

Yet EE doesn’t intend to quit at 4G; Double Speed 4G and 4G+ are rolling out in the UK, with portions of the UK already able to benefit from speeds of up to 150 Mb/second. For context, that’s faster than most people’s average fibre broadband speed.

But even when the majority of the UK is submerged in Double Speed 4G, or even 4G+, you can bet EE still won’t be satisfied. I expect the UK’s fastest network will continue expanding its efforts into the future, in an effort to optimise and enhance our mobile experience beyond today’s current recognition.

Convinced it’s high time you moved over to the turquoise side? Browse our wide selection of EE deals, with plans starting from as little as £16.99 a month.

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