From the nostalgic to the futuristic: here are 7 of the best mobile phones from the movies

The past is calling, they want their mobile phones back!

Over the years, the movies we have all know and loved are packed with our handy pocket companions (some less so desirable than others). While they may seem out of date now, at the time, these mobile phones were quite frankly pretty cool.

From Bond driving his car with a mobile phone in Tomorrow Never Dies and a more space-age device showcased by Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 we’ve seen some iconic phones used in movies.

Hold onto your hats folks, it’s time to get nostalgic. Starting in 1987 we take you through to 2012 on a mobile phone adventure, just like in the films.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 7 movies that feature some of our favourite mobile phones.

Lethal Weapon – 1987

Dubbed the ‘suitcase phone’, we couldn’t resist including this little gem in our list.

Throughout the 80s we were treated to some real bricks, which at the time would have been ground breaking!

In the film, there’s a scene where Detective Murtagh (Danny Glover) uses his ‘mobile phone’, carrying gigantic battery pack which the phone clips onto for signal and power. Take a look at that glorious phone cord!

Hook – 1991

Remember that film where Robin Williams squeezes into some green tights? It can only be everyone’s favourite childhood throwback, Hook.

It’s well documented through Hook that the now grown-up Peter Pan character is glued to his mobile phone, up to the point where he’s relieved of it at the end of the movie (spoiler alert).

In Spielberg’s classic, Peter Banning uses an almost modern looking smartphone for the time, with a snazzy pull-out aerial and flip cover of all things!

The Motorola MicroTAC 9800X shall go down in history as the only mobile phone to be buried by Nana the dog.

James Bond – 1997

James Bond movies have always been about cool technology, straight from Q Branch. Whether it’s an exploding pen or new Aston Martin car gadgets, the films pretty much capture it all, including mobile phones.

In Tomorrow Never Dies from 1997, the then Bond, Pierce Brosnan, uses his Sony Ericsson concept phone to fire up his car and then proceed to getaway from the bad guys. I mean, we’d all love to casually drive our car and operate a selection of Bond gadgetry from our phone, right?

Matrix – 1999

At its release, the Matrix was a revolutionary film that quickly became a big success. Throughout the film, the theme of telephones and mobiles is particularly prominent as the characters use these devices to beam in and out of the Matrix.

The dubbed ‘banana phone’ will definitely hit you right in the feels and was only most recently re-released by Nokia.

In the film, Keanu Reeves used his Nokia 8110 to escape the infamous Agent Smith on the instruction of Morpheus.

There was no doubt in our minds that this phone had to make the list!

American Psycho – 2000

This ‘cult’ film no doubt caused a bit of controversy on its release, but aside from that, it sports some pretty brick-like mobile phones that are brandished by the lawyers of the firm.

Christian Bale pulls out his Motorola DynaTAC is one scene to book dinner reservations for him and one lucky lady.

This phone is of course a throwback to the 80s where we saw some of the world’s first commercialised mobile phones.

The Dark Knight – 2008

The year was 2008 and Nokia was something of a memory as people really began jumping on the BlackBerry phone craze.

Dubbed the ‘Tube’ phone at the time, the Nokia XpressMedia 5800 made a brief appearance in the Dark Knight movie where we briefly saw Morgan Freeman hand the Nokia device to Bruce Wayne.

The phone was an important part of the Dark Knights’ arsenal with the technology provided by Lucius Fox essential to his crime fighting missions.

Iron Man 2 – 2010

Tony Stark isn’t shy to a gadget or two. In Marvel’s Iron Man 2, we are shown a (apparently LG created) transparent, all-screen device that is capable of gesture operation. Could this be a glimpse into the future?

If anyone has the tech of tomorrow, it’s going to be Tony Stark!

Ted – 2012

You can’t quite believe that iPhone 4 was around in 2013, as it only seemed like yesterday…

Anyway, we see the famous Ted using his iPhone 4 in the tub, no doubt using it to message his ‘guy’ for a certain medicinal product…

It goes without saying that iPhone was incredibly popular at this time as the leader of smartphone innovation in the market.

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