Get free treats, discounts and rewards with VeryMe from Vodafone

What a time to be alive for Vodafone customers.

Fancy getting cheap cinema tickets, freebies, and discounts on your favourite products? Of course you do.

Well, if you happen to be a Vodafone customer, we’ve got some exciting news for you. Oh yes, say hello to VeryMe Rewards – the network’s brand-new feature that you’re going to want to hear all about.

How Do You Get In on the Action?

Ready to get started? It couldn’t be easier. Head to your app store where you can download the My Vodafone app for free on iPhone or Android. Simple.

If you’re already a pay monthly customer with the network, it’s time to start finding the most exclusive deals in mere minutes. There’s absolutely no catch.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a Pay As You Go customer, you’ll need to top up at least £10 every six weeks to make sure that you’re eligible for the offers. Let’s face it, it’s entirely worth topping up on a regular basis to get access to these sweet, sweet deals.

Just How Sweet Are These Deals?

When you’ve downloaded the My Vodafone app, you might be wondering what type of VeryMe deals you can expect.

Check this, there are around 50 offers online already. Plus, Vodafone says it will be adding new rewards frequently. That means that the deals you can bag will very much depend on what time you happen to open the app.

However, to give you a little flavour of what you can expect, there’s a two cinema tickets for £7 offer, which you can use at ODEON cinemas. That’s ‘date night’ sorted for less than a tenner.

There’s also a free cookie available from Millie’s Cookies for all of you with a sweet tooth. Nice.

Aside from the deals and discounts, there’s one other part of VeryMe that you need to know about. That’s right, prize draws! If you think that Lady Luck is on your side, you need to make sure that you enter some of the feature’s competitions.

Recent prizes include a £500 gift voucher for ASOS, which you can hardly sniff at, am I right?

Plus, to make matters even better, the more you use the app, the more you will get shown deals that suit you. The feature uses AI-powered personalisation tech to figure out what you’re into and put the offers that you’re sure to love at the top of your feed. Yes!

Get Started Today!

Now that you’ve got the down-low on VeryMe, what are you waiting for? The official VeryMy Rewards feature launched in November, which means that you can access it today! Give yourself a little gift and get started right now.

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